Sensitivity Reading Services

As a blogger advocating for more diverse stories, I believe it is important to keep the importance of an accurate representation in mind when writing a piece of fiction, especially if it’s outside one’s own identity. Throughout my life, I have come across so many offensive takes on my culture, identity and/or religion, and I want to help prevent that from happening again as much as possible.

Which is why I decided to add sensitivity reading and consultations as permanent services. If you wish to know more about either service (or both), keep on reading!

  • Muslim representation
  • Moroccan, Arab and Amazighi representation
  • Moroccan history and social issues
  • Languages: Arabic and French
  • Racism towards North-African people
  • Multilingualism
  • ADHD

First of all, I am honoured to be considered as a sensitivity reader/consultor! i have a few areas of expertise, but please keep in mind that they come from lived experience, and are in no means universal. I do not speak for all Muslim people, for example (nor do i want to).

My services cover Young Adult, New Adult and Adult, in the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy

As a sensitivity reader, my goal is to read through your manuscript and identify any potential issue or bias in your work. I will try to spot any hurtful language, stereotype or internalized bias in order to avoid mistakes and improve the manuscript. In no way do i garantee, however, that it will be free of mistakes after my service. I also do not edit manuscripts, since I am not an editor.


  • (1) area of expertise: 0.005$ per word
  • (2) areas of expertise: 0.006$ per word
  • (3+) areas of expertise: 0.009$ per word
  • for any manuscript less than 10K words: fixed fee of 10K words

These prices include a full read of your manuscript, along with a 1-2 pages long letter with my general thoughts, specific offensive lines if there are any, and suggestions of ways to revise your work. I am also open to any question regarding my letter.

Please note that my sensitivity read is not an endorsement of your work.

Consultations are for potential questions you have regarding a specific part of your manuscript, about any area of expertise stated above.

prices (they may vary depending on the length of the parts for consultation) :

  • 3 questions (in as many emails as you need): fixed fee of 50$
  • above that: 10$ per question

If you wish to contact me regarding either service, please email me at, including synopsis, word count, links to you social media profiles (if you have any) and areas you wish for me to cover. I ususally take 2 to 5 weeks to read a full manuscript, but if you have any deadline i need to be aware of, please mention it in your email too.

I take 24-72h to respond to emails, and will answer to yours with an approval or refusal. In the latter case, I will state the reasons I refuse. please keep in mind that since I am a college student, December-January and April-May are my busiest periods, so responses and services may take longer during those times. I also have other responsibilities, and am free to accept or refuse any request.

I accept payments through paypal only. I will ask for half of the payment in advance and the other half after my work is done. once my work starts, refunds will not be possible.

students get a 30% discount (with proof). if, for any reason, you cannot afford the prices above, email me anyway and we can find a solution.

I might ask for a testimonial once we’re done, a few words or sentences to add to this page .

(To come.)

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