Review Policy

♡ i’m currently open to review requests! ♡


thank you for being interested in me as a potential reviewer for your novel! i will gladly accept your request if it meets the review policy below, except if i have personal reasons.

please keep in mind that i have the right to say no, and if i say no to reviewing a certain book, it doesn’t mean i’ll refuse next time i get your request. and if i accept your request, it doesn’t mean i’ll accept all of your requests.

genres i review:

  • romance in general
  • YA, NA and Adult fiction
  • diverse and/or by marginalized author

NOTE: i’m a moroccan muslim blogger, so if your book includes any of these representations, i’m most likely to accept.

genres i don’t review:

  • memoirs and biographies
  • paranormal
  • poetry
  • non-fiction

formats accepted:

  • physical copies (if you’re okay with international shipping)
  • digital copies (EPUB or kindle)

if i’ve met all your requirements, please email me at, including the title of the novel, the cover, a synopsis, what kind of diverse aspect(s) it includes (if it does), a link to its goodreads page, and the offered format in your request. i’ll try to respond in 24 to 72 hours.

thank you again! i look forward to possibly work with you!