my name is Maha, i’m 19 years old, and i’m the official creator of all the content you’ll find here on sunshine n’ books! i created this blog mainly to talk about books, but i speak of everything that interests me.

here are some (unhelpful and unnecessary) facts about me:

  • i’m studying psychology (no, i cannot tell what you’re thinking of right now).
  • i love love love romance, so you’ll find a lot of that in here. i also read YA! a lot!
  • i’m also a huge k-pop fan! i express all my excitement over it on twitter (sometimes here too).
  • i am a very smol human.
  • i love languages!! i am currently speaking three (arabic, french and english), and am learning a fourth one: korean.
  • i don’t post here as often as other bloggers but i promise i’m doing my best please bear with me i am very chaotic.

also! if i’m not reading, you’ll probably find me:

  • watching korean dramas, because my romantic heart never gets tired of it.
  • procrastinating studying (UGH.)

feel free to follow me on twitter, and add me as a friend on goodreads! (I swear I won’t bite you.)

ALSO! you can always contact me HERE, and i’ll answer as soon as possible.