five tips for new bloggers: on first setups, schedules and handling traffic (aka tips i wish i had been told)

so you think you can handle a blog?

just kidding. you can. everyone can. seriously, you just have to put your mind into it.

ever since i started blogging, i have faced many surprises. things i wish i had been told before i started so i could handle them better. but that’s totally okay, because thanks to my (very modest) experience, i can now share and give tips to other new bloggers out there! (i kinda feel like a mom right now.) so without further ado, here are FIVE TIPS FOR NEW BLOGGERS!

1. choose your blog name wisely

choosing a blog name can be tricky and stress-inducing. after all, you will be stuck with that name for a while, and it’s also the name of your brand. not only that, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a unique name since, you know, everybody’s on the internet.

what i would advice you to do is take your sweet time choosing your blog name. it may help putting together a list of all your hobbies/interests to make something out of them. also, keep the purpose of the blog in mind (for example, if i want to make a book blog, i can choose a name with “books” or “bookish” in it). finally, i would advice against using names with numbers and special characters (ex. sunshinenb0oks13); that would make it harder for people to find you later.

2. practice makes perfect

this is probably something you have read elsewhere but unless you have taken a course on blog writing/journalism, your writing will not be the best at the beginning. and the only way to make it better is to actually write more. practice by creating more content. believe me, it will get better with time. and if in a year, you go back to your first posts and cringe… congrats! you have gotten better at writing.

3. schedule a time for blogging

when i first started blogging, i was surprised by the fact that it takes so much time. for me, a post takes at least two hours to write. that is, without the formating and the graphics. it ends up taking days for one post to be a hundred percent ready.

though this is something i struggle with myself, a good tip to not fall into a blogging slump is to schedule a time, weekly or monthly, to write/review/format your posts. this tip also helps not overwork yourself. when i first started blogging, i had so many ideas and so many subjects i wanted write about. i found myself writing and posting every other day, which, along with school and other activities, ended up in a huge burnout a few months later. so yeah, you do not want to live that.

4. choose a color palette

when costumizing your blog, i think it’s important to choose a color palette for its look. mine, for example, is made of a few shades of pink along with gray. choose colors that: 1) look good together, and 2) reflect your vibes and personality. also make sure to choose one main color, the others will be the supporting ones (if that makes much sense).

this color palette will also be apparent on your other socials, especially instagram. you want people to associate you to those colors, and the colors to you.

5. like and comment other blogs

liking and commenting other blogs helps your own blog’s traffic. other people (or the blogger themselves) see your comment and may decide to check your blog too! not only that, but it’s a great way to make some blogger friends! i have made amazing friends this way.

finally, some additional great tips for your new blog:

  • sharing your posts and being active on other social media plateforms (twitter, instagram, etc.) is a great boost for your traffic; people will have more than one way to find you.
  • make sure to always write a new idea somewhere whenever you have one. if you don’t, you’ll forget. never trust your brain.
  • keep on blogging, even if traffic is low. it is completely normal for your traffic to be low at the beginning, but with time, more people will fall in love with your work and before you know, you will have hundreds of dedicated followers.

new bloggers: how is blogging doing so far for you? older bloggers: what are some tips you wish you have been told when you first started blogging?

13 Replies to “five tips for new bloggers: on first setups, schedules and handling traffic (aka tips i wish i had been told)”

  1. These are great tips! As someone who has rebranded MANY times over the past 12 years of blogging, I totally agree that you should take time with your name when starting your blog.

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  2. this should be turned into a pop-up that appears whenever someone starts a book blog 📚 for me, the biggest tip I wished I had gotten is to not get too deep into new releases, getting ARCs, and joining blog tours. yes, it’s exciting, but it also adds a whole new level of pressure to read and post, since you have a commitment with the tour organizers & publishers. if you’re not prepared to handle that, just keep away because that can take away the joy of blogging.

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  3. All of these tips are excellent but I especially love choosing a schedule for blogging and also picking a color palette! All the best bloggers I know have a color palette that they’re known for and absolutely fits their brand (and of course your pastels/shades of pink blog palette is one of those too!!)

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  4. These are great tips, and I’m sure they’ll be super helpful for someone who is starting a blog. I completely agree with choosing a color palette, it took me a while to figure that out and at first my graphics were all unrelated in color (and it looked terrible…)!

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  5. This is a really good list of tips. While I don’t always schedule a time to actually work on blog posts, I do utilize the scheduling tool in WordPress to schedule posts to publish, which can be super helpful if you’re trying to bulk prep posts ahead of time. <333

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