march + april + may 2021 wrap up (more mangas than ever!)

to be quite honest, 2021 hasn’t been a good reading year so far… i am eight books behind on my goodreads reading challenge (of 50 books), and i have yet to discover a new fave… to sum it up, 2021 has been disappointing, to say the least.

i have also fallen into one of the biggest slumps ever; reading and blogging-wise. which is also why i haven’t been reading many books lately, and why i haven’t been enjoying a lot of them.

but let’s stay optimistic! i have read some pretty good books this year. i also had a GREAT birthday – i turned 20 on may 30th – AND got a smol kitty cat! he’s the reason i wake up every morning (literally, he wakes me up at 7am).

i decided today to talk about the ones i have read in the last three months: march, april and may 2020! so without further ado, here’s my MARCH + APRIL + MAY 2021 WRAP UP!

  • Twice Shy, by sarah hogle: this book had me crying at midnight by how soft it is! it’s so beautiful and so cute and so wholesome and so AAAAAAAAHHH… sarah hogle hit a tender spot in my heart once again, because TWICE SHY had me feeling a lot of warm feels at once, and i could barely take it.
  • SPY X FAMILY Vol.2, by tatsuya endo: this manga series is honestly a great distraction if you’re busy like i was with finals, or if you’re just looking for something quick, fun and wholesome to read. as i previously predicted, this volume is even better than the first one!
  • SPY X FAMILY Vol.3, by tatsuya endo: same with added wholesome-ness and added fun. also, i spot a doggo in future volumes *side eye*.
  • Kenrantaru Grande Scène Vol.1 + Vol.2, by cuvie: i spotted this manga in my library and decided to pick it up even though i had never heard of it before, and boi was i pleasantly surprised! this story is so quick to read yet touches your heart with its great discussion about the world of ballerinas and especially the over-the-top expectations that pressures them. i highly recommend it!
  • Counting Down with You, by tashie bhuiyan: though i found this to be a bit too cliché for my taste, i enjoyed reading about a lost seventeen-years-old teenager who slowly learns the meaning of love. the writing was simple and cute. however, i had a hard time liking the love interest…

and these are all the books i have read in the last three months! as i said before, i enjoyed them all but i still haven’t discovered a new fave. well, let’s hope june is the month i do that! i am already currently reading two books i am really enjoying! let’s hope june has great books in stores for me.

what are you currently reading? have you read any new faves lately?

P. S. if you enjoy my content, you can buy me a ko-fi! i am currently struggling financially so it would really help :))

4 Replies to “march + april + may 2021 wrap up (more mangas than ever!)”

  1. ahhh, it’s so exciting you got a cat! i am terrified of all animals tbh, but i’m happy to hear you now have a new friend to keep you company!

    i hope you get out of this slump soon. it took me a while last year to find a new favorite and the whole year was a bit meh, but i hope things perk up for you before the end of 2021!

    hope you’re having a great june so far, maha!


  2. Counting Down With You is on my tbr and I’m looking forward to reading it! Have heard lots of positive reviews, so next time I’m in the mood for a light (cliche) contemporary I’ll definitely pick it up. Hope you’re having a good June so far!


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