a chill chat about my plans for the summer (what i plan to read, watch and do)

*brushes dust off the blog* well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

i have been…busy, to say the least. life has unexpectedly taken all my motivation and will to blog away, and college would not let me go. like,,,literally. i feel like all i’ve been doing for the last month was study, study and then study some more. i didn’t even have the time (nor the energy) to read.

but thankfully, i am (finally) done with this college year. and i finally have the time and energy to blog, read and rest. and i am so excited! i have so many things i plan to do!! i know it is technically not summer yet, but since the weather is nice and there’s no academic responsibilities, i decided to start summer early. so without further ado, let’s talk about ALL THE EXCITING THINGS I PLAN TO DO THIS SUMMER!

books i plan to read

since i haven’t read anything other than manga and graphic novels in the past three months, i feel like i have so many books to catch up on! i have made a little list of some of the books i plan to read:

graphic novels and manga:

these last few months i have grown really into graphic novels and manga!! they’re the only media i could consume that doesn’t require a lot of attention, which was perfect for me at the time. the only problem is that now i have 21389 more books on my to-read list, which is not good at all…

i have (somehow) narrowed it down to eight graphic novels and mangas i plan on reading/catching up on in the next few months! i especially recommend SPY X FAMILY! the story is so wholesome and so so fun!! *shoves it at everyone’s face*

adult romance

i am well aware of the fact that i have a very ambitious TBR for the summer…but oh well… these are all the romance books i really hope to get into the next few weeks! i have heard nothing but amazing things about all of these. i have already started two of them, and they are very interesting *side eye*.

Middle Grade/YA

*sigh*. i haven’t been getting updated about new Middle Grade/YA releases in months… but i spotted these and i cannot wait to see what they’re about! also, i heard a lot of people cried while reading You’ve Reached Sam and Clues to the Universe, which doubled my interest in said books.

other non-bookish plans i have

watch more anime

i always say that i am a fan of anime, yet i still have a large list of shows i need to watch! that’s why i plan on watching more of these during the summer. (i am already watching Attack on Titan and it is. so. good.)

blog more

it has come to everyone’s attention that i have been neglecting this space…big time. since i now have more free time, i plan on slowly coming back to blogging, until i make it a regular thing again. let’s hope for the best!

aaaand there you go! i really hope i get to achieve most (if not all) of the plans i have. i am super excited!!

are you done with college/school? do you have any plans for the summer? some books you plan on reading?

11 Replies to “a chill chat about my plans for the summer (what i plan to read, watch and do)”

  1. hi hi hi i missed seeing you and your posts!! your summer reading plans sound absolutely heavenly — i’m also planning to read one last stop and honey girl next month and i can’t wait. and i hope you enjoy you’ve reached sam more than i did because it was a bit disappointing for me 😦 i’m happy to hear that you’ve been freed from the prison of college momentarily and I LOVE YOU LOTS!!

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  2. maha!! hi!! ahhh i missed seeing your posts in my reader omg 💖 one last stop is SO good and i absolutely loved it, also counting down with you gave me all the FEELS!! congratulations on completing college for the time being! i hope you have a super restful summer filled with tons of great reads 💞

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  3. congratulations on finishing the year! I’m in my first year out of uni and into full-time work and… I don’t hate it. I’m happy to be out of academia haha. I see some very very good books in your TBR! Hope you enjoy them all 😊

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