january + february 2021 wrap up (forgettable reads and hope for what’s next)

let’s say that 2021 has not started great reading-wise for me. i still haven’t rated any book 5 stars, though there hasn’t been any DNF so far. needless to say, i wish it was better.

as for my personal life, it is not any more exciting. i got swept into a routine, and i’m not going out much (though that’s not news). college is as time-consuming as always, and time-management is as hard as usual. fortunately, i had a one-week-long break, which helped me rest a bit (though not enough).

but anyway, i managed to read seven books during these last two months, and i would love to share my thoughts on each one of them! so without further ado, here are the SEVEN BOOKS I HAVE READ DURING JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2021!

  • It’s The Chase for Me: a Heights Story, by christina c. jones: this is the only book i read in january and i was…not impressed. as i am writing this, i do not remember what happens in this book, except that the two main characters keep meeting everywhere. it was completely forgettable to me.
  • Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo #1), by katee roberts: i expected this one to be filthy hot, and it exceeded my expectations. this was extremely filthy hot. if you’re into erotic stories, i definitely recommend this book (the whole series is just as hot as this one, or so i have heard).
  • Poison Study (Study #1), by maria v. snyder: i went on a trip down memory lane, and i was surprised i liked this one! i assure you, it has all the tropes a YA Fantasy novel of the 2000s can have, and yet somehow i enjoyed it? i might even consider reading the sequel…
  • From Twinkle, with Love, by sandhya menon: to be quite honest, this is also one i did not expect to like as much as i did! this story was so cute and the romance was just AAA!! it also was an easy read, so i flew through it quite fast. this book is excellent for a long train ride!
  • Spy x Family Vol.1, by tatsuya endo: i have only read this volume of this series so far but i can tell it has extreme potential! the story is wholesome and yet it keeps you on the edge of your seat. i cannot wait to see where the story goes! (according to some friends, it becomes even better… we’ll see…)
  • Off Limits Attraction (The Heirs of Hansol #3), by jayci lee: i picked this short book on a whim and let me tell you, i was not disappointed. jayci lee delivers a story between two characters who have very strong chemistery, with a great balance between hot sexy times and heartfelt ones. if you need a quick read, i would recommend this one! (you do not need to have read the first two books to pick up this one.)
  • Make Up, Break Up, by lily menon: i feel very conflicted on this one. on one hand, the story was extremely fun and addicting. but on the other hand…that’s it. the main character was unsufferable, the love interest poorly developed, and the story was overall easily forgettable. needless to say, this was not a catch. i don’t even think i would’ve finished it had i not listened to the audiobook.

i honestly wish i had read more during these last few weeks, but oh well, i can’t do anything about it. i am slowly coming out of my reading slump, and hope that march will be a better reading month. i also have a few other goals for the next month:

  • take time to rest
  • read and review more ARCs
  • drink more water
  • study more (outside of classes)

i definitely need the day to be longer than 24 hours so i could accomplish everything i want…. a girl can dream!

how was the beginning of 2021 for you? have you read any new faves?

3 Replies to “january + february 2021 wrap up (forgettable reads and hope for what’s next)”

  1. pls make up break up got me so mad i did not understand a single decision made in that book. spy x family definitely gets better with each volume, the family is so adorable! there are rumours of an anime adaptation which i really hope happens! a new fave for me has to be she who became the sun by shelley parker-chan!


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