12 heart-warming romance reads to pick up on valentine’s day (psa: mushy feelings await)

it’s valentine’s day! aka a great opportunity to recommend some great romance reads (though i do that every day). it comes to no surprise that i have something special planned today (did you expect me not to post anything on valentine’s day? me? a romance blogger?). but without much talking, let’s get right into business.

when i first thought about my valentine’s day post, i wanted to recommend hot erotic reads, but since i have already done that on another special occasion, it occured to me that i can recommend soft, heart-warming reads for a change.



  • You Deserve Each Other, by sarah hogle: i cannot talk enough about this book. in my 2020’s favorite books post, i said: “this novel crushed me, it absolutely destroyed my soul and turned my heart into shredding pieces by stabbing my chest multiple times, then picked up the broken pieces and stuck them back together, healed my wounds and put the light back in my soul.” and that pretty much sums it up. this story about an engaged couple who start pranking each other but end up falling in love all over again left my heart so full and warm at the end that i did not know what to do with my feelings.
  • You Had Me at Hola, by alexis daria: this book is a love letter to telenovelas, family and love itself. it was such a great story about two lost characters who find each other and themselves. i flew by it quickly and it left me with so much serotonin i was beaming by the end of it.
  • A Duke by Default (Reluctant Royals #2), by alyssa cole: if the “you’re so annoying i might have to kiss you” trope is one you’re looking for, this book is for you. i would recommend the whole series (which is super great), but this one is my favorite. i absolutely love the dynamics between the characters, especially the main ones, and had a grand time rooting for them to get together. alyssa cole does a great job at frustrating the reader, then finally giving place to mushy feelings and love.
  • The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics (Feminine Pursuits #1), by olivia waite: this is one i cannot stop talking about either. this is serotonin wrapped up in a book. i cannot stress how warm it made me feel. i am in love with this story and everything related to it. anyway please read it for your friend (the friend is me).
  • The Brown Sisters trilogy, by talia hibbert: i know that technically, the last book isn’t out yet, but i have no doubt i will enjoy it. the first two books were so great and amazing, and i cannot wait for the third one. this trilogy follows three sisters (each book tells the story of one of them) as they navigate their adult life and find love, and i honestly couldn’t recommend this enough. each book was the serotonin boost i needed.
  • The Bromance Book Club (The Bromance Book Club #1), by lyssa kay adams: great laughs awaits you if you ever decide to pick this book up. in this story, a professional sports player succedes at his job but fails at his marriage. with the help of a secret book club, he tries to win back his wife. i was so engaged in this book that i did not put it down until i finished it. i found myself laughing out loud and rooting for the main character to be redeemed and the couple to be re-united.


  • I’ll Be the One, by lyla lee: this book! is so! cute! i am absolutely in love with this story about a girl who enters the world of kpop and finds love and passion. i picked it up when i was feeling down and devoured it in one sitting. it’s so short and easy to get into too so if you’re in a slump, this is definitely the book for you.
  • There’s Something About Sweetie (Dimple and Rishi #2), by sandhya menon: aaaa this book!! i read all the books in this series but this one is exceptionally soft. when i started it, i had no idea it would give so many warm feelings. the pureness of this story is so!! i want to hug all the characters so bad…*sigh*
  • Love from A to Z, by s. k. ali: this book is the kind that breaks your heart then stitches it back together. it handles very serious issues like islamophobia, but still manages to deliver a sweet love story. adam and zayneb are such cute beans who deserve the world and more. i want to feed them sweets and tell them everything will be okay…anyway read this book.
  • The Henna Wars, by adiba jaigirdar: this is also one that you can quickly fly by as the writing is simple and the chapters short. on another note, this book captured my heart and told me everything will be okay. it’s such a soft story about two teenage girls falling in love!! i had the strongest urge to protect with all i have!!

i hope i convinced you to pick up all of these books! but seriously, they are all so cute and soft and aaa!! i want to pick them up again and re-live all the feels!

what are your plans for valentine’s day? have you read any of these books? what were your thoughts?

5 Replies to “12 heart-warming romance reads to pick up on valentine’s day (psa: mushy feelings await)”

  1. My plans for Valentine’s Day is to hang out with my loves–my book and my bed haha. I’ve read I’ll Be the One, and I loved it, too! I thought it was awesome how much representation it had in it, and I love Kpop as well, so I had a blast reading it!


  2. Wow, that’s such a fantastic list!!! I adored You Deserve Each Other, it destroyed me but in the best way possible, yknow? Also A Duke by Default’s adhd rep gave me life 😍 Thank you for the recs!!


  3. Omg indeed it is past Valentine’s Day because I’m behind on blog posts but I ADORE THIS LIST!!! Maha coming through and ticking all the boxes. So so pumped to read You Deserve Each Other, You Had Me At Hola, EVE BROWN OMG and Love From A to Z. They all sound so good and I need to get off my butt and read them oops. Stellar list <3<3<3


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