an extremely late post about my fave books of 2020!

i am well aware of my tardiness… i have been absent for more than a month now, but juggling between semester finals and other personnal stuff, i haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything in a while. but today, i am blowing the dust off this blog with a new, long-awaited post.

2020 was…something. i never would’ve guessed where the world would be in december had i been asked about it in the beginning of the year. on a general and personal level, a lot of things changed, and a lot of books were read. i compiled a list of 10 books i believe were my absolute favorites out of the 91 i read. so without further ado, here are MY FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2020!

Dangerous Girls, by abigail haas

i can say with no exaggeration that this book was mind-fuckingly exciting. the setting, the writing, the plot, the characters… all were well-crafted and well-thought. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading it, and was left in shock (which doesn’t happen a lot). i’m not gonna say more about it, because i think this is the type of story you’d want to get into not knowing anything about it. i highly recommend it for a boost of adrenaline.

The Poet X, by elizabeth acevedo

another novel i flew by and was left speechless after. not from shock, but from the beauty of it. for the second time, elizabeth acevedo didn’t fail to make me fall in love with her words about a young girl who’s trapped in societal and familiar rules but finds a bit of freedom in poetry and art. the author pictured the main character’s feelings perfectly, and managed to make me feel the same.

also! i highly recommend the audiobook! the author narrates it herself!

the Mirage duology (Mirage + Court of Lions), by somaiya daud

the only regret i have concerning this story is not having read it sooner. this moroccan-inspired fantasy stole my heart. the story is not only very well written, but it is also rich with historical and cultural elements that i could not help but relate to, which made it easier for the story to climb into my favorites’ list. to this day, i still think about the characters, which were multi-dimensional and seemed very real in my mind.

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics (Feminine Pursuits #1), by olivia waite

this sapphic romance was recommended to me multiple times, and yet i was not ready for the impact it had on me. olivia waite wrote a beautiful story about love and science in a way that had me fighting the urge to cry multiple times. it also discusses multiples issues that are still relevant to this day, especially in the scientific field.

The Poppy War trilogy (The Poppy War + The Dragon Republic + The Burning God), by r. f. kuang

at this point, i have written long essays as to why i fell in love with this trilogy. this story grabbed my heart and tore it to shreds, and yet i want to thank the author with all my heart for the world she has created. this trilogy is raw and loud about history and issues, most importantly colonializm, war and its impact. i am in awe of how she managed to craft such worldbuilding and such characters, most of which you can’t help but love and hate at the same time… *sigh* anyway, read this please.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters #2), by talia hibbert

YO. YOOOOO. THIS BOOK. WAS. EVERYTHING. the way i completely devoured this book scared me. this love story was so well-written, which doesn’t come as a shock when the author is Talia Hibbert. The characters were so fun and cute and beautiful and ADORKABLE i just wanted to…hug them and make them kiss. i am so IN LOVE with them.

i also cannot wait for the third book in The Brown Sisters trilogy, Act Your Age, Eve Brown!

Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers #1), by rilzy adams

novellas don’t usually make it to my faves of the year list but this one completely exceeded my expectations. i’m not gonna lie, i went into it with not much expectation, but oh god… this short romance about an erotic writer who asks her best friend’s help for inspiration is?? amazing?? i am in love.

The Bromance Book Club (The Bromance Book Club #1), by lyssa kay adams

this is probably the funniest book i have read in year. it was a delight to devour it (i literally spent one whole weekend reading it). i really found myself laughing out loud and it hadn’t happened since… Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which i read more than five years ago. not only that, but the love story was very well-written, and the characters flawed yet very lovable. i highly recommend it!

You Deserve Each Other, by sarah hogle

i have no words to describe how much i absolutely loved this book. no you don’t understand, this novel crushed me, it absolutely destroyed my soul and turned my heart into shredding pieces by stabbing my chest multiple times, then picked up the broken pieces and stuck them back together, healed my wounds and put the light back in my soul. after finishing it, i spent hours curled up in my bed. this was serotonin in the form of a book.

honorable mentions

aaaand that’s all! 2020 was an amazing reading year for me, so it was very hard to choose between 91 books. so far, i haven’t been reading much during 2021, but i plan on changing that very soon! cannot wait for what (the rest of) 2021 has in stores for me!

how was your reading year? have you read any new faves? how is your 2021 going so far, reading wise?

8 Replies to “an extremely late post about my fave books of 2020!”

  1. YES TO TPW AND YDEO!! im excited to finally read mirage this year. i ordered my copy in november and to this day it’s not here yet. P A I N. looking forward to reading more books in this list. hope you’re having a wonderful 2021 so far 💖


  2. ahh i’m disappointed to say i haven’t read most of these – but i do have a copy of you deserve each other, which is something i need to get to soon!! also 100% on the henna wars, it was so cute ahh 🥺 i also def need to get myself copies of the poppy war trilogy because everyone keeps talking about how good it is, and i haven’t read a single bad review!! i loved this post so much, maha!! 💞


  3. there are so many books here i also adored!! i actually read the bromance book club in january and it was truly hilarious!!


  4. the bromance book club definitely had to make into my favorites of 2020 as well! it’s a hilarious book and i loved how the author worked through one of my favorite tropes – second chance romance/failed marriage. i haven’t continued on with the series yet, but i love the book club dynamic and that’s what makes me hyped for the rest of the novels.


  5. ah so glad to see you back and though I’ve only read like… two of these, this is such a great list! The Poppy War has been on my tbr for ages oops. But you’ve totally made me want to read Go Deep so bad. Also, You Deserve Each Other is glaring at me and I’m nervous but so excited. Lots of love to you Maha, I hope you’re doing okay and that school will treat you better xoxox


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