november 2020 wrap up (short stories, an informal hate letter to college and december goals)

every month goes by so fast that by the time i finish writing my monthly wrap-up, we’re already far into the following month. i try to be on time every month, but who am i kidding. let’s just forget i am five days late and get on with this post.

even during a lockdown, november was one busy month. my finals are starting in a few days (rip), and college is just overwhelming. i couldn’t even sit down and read, not because i didn’t have free time, but because i used it to either sleep or watch netflix. and since my college major requires a lot of reading (books, articles, you name it), i wasn’t in the mood to do more reading. however, i did manage to finish NINE BOOKS this month. so let’s talk about seven of them! (the other two were non-fiction i had to read for college.)

read this month:

click on the cover for more info about the book!
  • ATE, by rilzy adams: this novelette was everything i could ask for in a short story. it was sexy, straight to the point, yet swoony and addictive. i highly recommend reading this one to pass time between classes (or maybe even during them).
  • Freaking Romance, by Snailords: this romance webtoon with a twist of fantasy/horror is really really cute, but i should warn you, the angst is on a high level. i want to snatch my hair each time i read an episode! this story is still ongoing, but i cannot wait for the last episode to drop so i can finally know what happens at the end.
  • Truth or Dare, by danielle allen: this book guys. This Book. the superiority of friends-to-lovers really showed in this novella (i say this as a hardcore fan of ennemies-to-lovers trope). this was so good, the chemistry between the two characters was on point, and though i did not enjoy the last bit as much as i enjoyed the beginning, i was still a big fan of the overall story.
  • You Deserve Each Other, by sarah hogle: i am a mess of emotions just thinking about this one. i was expecting pure fun from this book, and instead i got a lot of fun that turned into wholesomeness (the type that breaks your heart) when i least expected it. i was left a puddle of emotions by the end.
  • These Violent Delights (These Violent Delights #1), by chloe gong (ARC): i expected to be heart-broken after finishing this book, and indeed i was. while the story is very slow in the first half, the second half snatched my heart from its place and tore it to pieces, all while stabbing me in the back (metaphorically). the world-building was very well-done, the characters multi-layered and complex, and the writing beautiful.
  • His Beauty, by jack harbon (ARC): i am not the type to read monster romance, but this one caught my attention. and i, surprisingly, enjoyed it. the initial aspects of Beauty and the Beast were kept, all while adding a touch of sexiness and action. i liked it a lot.
  • The Drowning Faith (The Poppy War #2.5), by r. f. kuang: this is a small collection of some scenes from the original series, but told through nezha’s point of view. if you’ve been here for 0.0085 seconds, you probably already know that nezha is my absolute favorite character in the series and i live for him. somehow, these scenes made the original story more heart-breaking than it already was… which is nice.

on the blog:

though i didn’t post a lot, i am still proud of these three posts. each one of them took me a lot of time and dedication, and i was glad to see a positive feedback.

december goals

i do not tend to share my monthly goals in here, but i thought maybe if i did, it would help me more in achieving them (cause, you know, the pressure). i’m not sure if i will remember them though… anyway, here are my december goals:

  • drink a lot of water
  • sleep well (but not oversleep)
  • study as hard as i can without overworking myself
  • get into some ARCs!

how was your november? read any great books? what are your plans for december?

10 Replies to “november 2020 wrap up (short stories, an informal hate letter to college and december goals)”

  1. omg this is so relatable! i was also so busy with college work, but in my free time i spent it watching netflix rather than reading lol. but i also was able to read these violent delights in november, and i loved it! i agree that it started slow but once it picked up i was really invested. i hope your finals go (or went) well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i’m so happy you loved you deserve each other!! i didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as i did but it was genuinely so good. and ahh THE DROWNING FAITH! i forgot nezha was your fave actually but those scenes maybe made me love him more… i hope you’re having a good month, you deserve all the best!! <33


  3. Whoops, I’m a tad late here so I hope December has been treating you well. I very much relate to “an informal hate letter to college” because ME IN NOVEMBER. Glad my academic year is over because wow did it take a lot from me.

    So so so glad you enjoyed These Violent Delights eeeppp. I’m also now a lot more scared to read You Deserve Each Other welp


  4. ahhh, i hope you’ve done well for your finals and that you’re hopefully enjoying winter/holiday break at the moment.

    i followed you on goodreads as you were reading you deserve each other and i was so happy you enjoyed it! i know you’re a fan of romance, and i was excited to hear your thoughts. i really enjoyed my time with it as well, though i think i would’ve liked it even more if we had the perspective of nicholas, as i struggled to connect with his character at first.

    hope you have an amazing december, maha!


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