there’s still time to ace that goodreads challenge! tips to read more books in a shorter amount of time (+ some recs!)

the end of the year is approaching, and with it comes the dread of not completing your goodreads challenge. though it’s a challenge we deliberately take part of, it’s still source of a lot of pressure, especially during this time of the year.

this is when i, your ultimate savior, intervene. if you wish to save your reading challenge, keep reading. if you don’t, well…keep reading too (i mean, if you want). i’m gonna be sharing a number of tips and tricks that helped me complete my reading challenge in the last few years, as well as a few recommendations, so sit back, relax and let me tell you how to ACE THAT GOODREADS READING CHALLENGE.

tip #1: choose your audience

why pick up that 500 pages-long SFF novel that you’ll spend two weeks on? leave that shit for next year, you’ll have plenty of time. i’m not the first one to say this, but if you want to save your goodreads challenge, try picking up lighter, shorter and easier books to get into. novellas and graphic novels/comics are the perfect type of books for this. nothing better to get you through a lazy afternoon than reading them all snuggled in a blanket and with a hot beverage beside you.

i actually have a few recommendations if you’re looking for novellas/light novels. all of these are super good so definitely check them out, challenge or not!


Adult novellas:

Adult novels:

tip #2: listening is reading

ever since i started reading audiobooks, my life got 10x better. they’re a whole new experience. you can listen to one while doing your chores or running, and you double the productiveness! and if the narration is well-done, then it’s the cerise sur le gâteau*!

there are a few audiobooks i specifically enjoyed, so i’m putting them here, if anyone needs recommendations (they’re all YA)!

tip #3: juggle them books!

at the beginning of the year, i used to read around 4 books a month. now i complete a dozen each month. i haven’t discovered a way to stop time (yet), but i switched from reading one book at a time to three (and now four) at once. i know not everyone can do this, but i tend to be reading one physical book, one e-book and listening to one audiobook at the same time. that way when i’m bored of one, i switch to the other. i know it looks messy, and it is, but it helps me read more books in a shorter amount of time. try it, it might help!

tip #4: go back to your roots

what’s better than a book you’re garanteed to love? now that rereading is possible on goodreads, go reread that fave of yours and add it to the challenge! not only you’ll add more books, but you’re 100% sure you’ll have an enjoyable experience. you can also try your old favorites in different forms: from physical to audiobook, or vice-versa! try and evaluate each experience. i personally like to do that sometimes.

tip #5: school is a form of reading

i recently started adding all the non-fiction i have to read for college to my goodreads reading challenge because 1) they’re a lot, and 2) it’s still reading! even if it’s not for pleasure, add that book anyway!! what is there to lose?

other reminders

  • the goodreads reading challenge is supposed to be fun, not a source of stress. nothing will change if you don’t complete your reading goal. you’re still a reader. whichever number you achieve is impressive, remember that.
  • don’t sacrifice other (more) important aspects of your life (studies, sleep, health) for a challenge like this. as i said before, this is supposed to be fun. prioritize what should be prioritized, your physical and mental health above everything else. nothing’s more important than that.

aaaand that’s it. i hope these tips help you go back on track! obviously, this is totally subjective and i can’t garantee this will help, but i will be super happy if it does!

what are your tips for reading more? how many books are you planning on reading by the end of the year? do you have any resolutions for 2021?

*close translation: icing on the cake.

13 Replies to “there’s still time to ace that goodreads challenge! tips to read more books in a shorter amount of time (+ some recs!)”

  1. Loved your recommendations! I’ll definitely be using some of your tips and techniques in the future. Also, I really need to read Heartstopper. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welp very late to this blog post but love love love all the tips!! I try not to set my goal too high because I don’t need that stress in my life haha and though I’ve completed my goal, I still have so many books I’d like to read *cue nervous laughter*


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