october 2020 wrap up (+ november 2020 TBR)

i honestly don’t know if i should be worried or glad there are only 2 months left in 2020.

october was another month that i did not see pass by. college work got even harder, and i found less and less time to read. i miss the summer days where i had nothing else to do, but oh well…life goes on. though i’m still very delighted with what i read this month (spoiler: it was 100% romance). i’m starting to think that this is just my pace with books, and while i’m frustrated i can’t read all the books, i’m actually okay with it. and honestly? it could have been worse this month.

let’s stop beating around the bush and talk about THE SEVEN BOOKS I HAVE READ DURING OCTOBER 2020:

click on the cover for more info about the book!
  • Her Night with the Duke (Clandestine Affairs #1), by diana quincy: i dived into this book with no expectations at all, and i was surprisingly entertained by it. the story is a fun and drama-filled romance that dives into issues like patriarchy and racism. however, i did not enjoy the way the story ended, and i found the male main character to be quite a pain in the ass most of the time.
  • Girl Gone Viral (Modern Love #2), by alisha rai: i CANNOT believe i have waited so long to read this because this was a-ma-zing! how to express my love for this book in anything other than screams. this book left me all mushy inside and i am just…an emotional mess. alisha rai never fails to disappoint me with her stories!
  • After Hours Redemption, by kianna alexander: a love letter to music and love itself. as i said in my review, i enjoyed the writing, the plot and the steaminess, but i couldn’t connect with the male main character because for most of the story, he is genuinely oblivious of his wrongdoings, even though every single character in the book tells him he is wrong. and it frustrated me.
  • The Summer of Everything, by julian winters: look, i wanted to enjoy this book, i really did. and honestly, it’s not bad at all. but somehow, i could not connect with the story, at all. i was lost between the many plot-lines of it. i feel like the author wanted to handles everything and instead, each issue wasn’t given the importance it needed (if that makes sense).
  • Undercover Bromance (The Bromance Book Club #2), by lyssa kay adams: ennemies-to-lovers! funny plot! romance! how could i not enjoy! i was worried i wouldn’t enjoy this book after i fell in love with The Bromance Book Club, but it was just so!! amazing!! this story is the you’re so annoying i want to kiss you type of energy in the form of a book, and i had a blast.
  • Lore Olympus, by rachel smythe: when i first downloaded webtoon, i did not expect my life to be completely changed by the amazingness that is Lore Olympus. once i started it, i could not stop. absolute cuteness, love and a lot of fun are what you should expect going into this story. (i honestly still can’t believe i read the 130-ish chapters that are out in less than 24h.)
  • You Had Me at Hola, by alexis daria: this was so cute and beautiful and i just…ugh. the main characters were just sweet cinnamon rolls and i just wanted to hug them! i also liked how the story was so well-executed, even if the last bit was a bit too dramatic.

on the blog:

yikes…i did hope to post more during october yet here i am… on the bright side, i am very proud of these two posts because they took a lot of time, and i’m glad with the results!!

november tbr:

listen, i don’t do TBRs often, but this month, i do have some books i wish to read. i won’t beat myself up if i don’t read them -we all know here that i never follow TBRs- but at least i’ll have a little list i can get back to when i don’t know what to pick up next.

current read (ARC)
current read (audiobook)

how was your october? have you read any great books this month? what are some books you are excited to read during november?

23 Replies to “october 2020 wrap up (+ november 2020 TBR)”

  1. Seven books is still a great number! I read some great book in October, with Addie LaRue being the best of them all (i’m still not over it😭). I’m most excited to read These Violent Delights during November!! And I really hope you like Cemetery Boys, that’s such an amazing book, as well as Spin The Dawn ♡

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    1. i’m glad you had a good reading month!!! these violent delights is good so far, so definitely be on the lookout for it! and thank you! hope you have a great month ❤️


  2. Looks like a great October! I cannot wait to get to Undercover Bromance, I really like the first book 🙂 I hope you get to read your TBR and happy November!

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  3. ahhh i love seeing when people read TVD because it was my first ever netgalley book haha!!! also my october was pretty good actually, i took the practice test before i have to take the sat next spring and felt good about it. i actually read a lot more than i thought i would and loved beyond the ruby veil and legendborn. legendborn is my top book of 2020 tbh

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  4. it’s sad you didn’t enjoy the summer of everything that much. i have read julian winters’ debut book back in 2018 and i really want to read this one too, but it’s a shame there were so many plot lines that weren’t given enough attention too. i feel like that’s super important and i’ve grown to love authors & books that are able to handle a lot of different topics, so it will be disappointing if i feel the same about this one.

    i saw on goodreads you started you deserve each other, and i’m super excited to hear your thoughts! hope you have a fantastic november!

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    1. oh no i really hope you love the book! it’d definitely one that i understand the hype around!
      eeee im currently reading it and so far it’s really interesting!!
      hope you’re doing well!

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  5. Lore Olympus is sooooo cute!! I started it a while ago, but never got around to finish it, so I’m seriously thinking about starting from the beginning again hahaha I’m also planning on reading These Violent Delights this month, as soon as my copy arrives 😛 And I hope you love Spin the Dawn, it’s such a wonderful book! Happy November ❤

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  6. Tis only moy fault for being late but hope you’re November is going well. Hope you’re loving (or loved??) These Violent Delights which aghhh I ADORE SO MUCH. And ah that 5 star of You Had Me At Hola has me very excited!! Sending love Maha <3<3

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