eight hot adult romance reads that will keep you warm this fall (forget the blanket, use these books instead)

i don’t know about you, but the weather is growing more chilly where i live! i was sitting there (barbecue sauce on my titties), and thought “what can i do to warm myself up during this cold time?”, and yes, you guessed right! it’s time to recommend hot and spicy books!

so grab a sweater for this weather, a hot cup of beverage, and let’s recommend EIGHT HOT ADULT ROMANCE READS THAT WILL KEEP YOU WARM THIS FALL:

click on the cover for more info about the book!
  • Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers #1), by rilzy adams: this novella is only 131 pages long but listen…LISTEN. it is amazing. steaminess? check. friends-to-lovers trope? check. will you be wanting more of this author’s works after finishing this one? probably yes. do i have the strong urge to throw a copy to your face? 100% yes. (if i have to use violence for you to read this then so be it.)
  • Me + Somebody’s Son: A Heights Story, by christina c. jones: this is also a novella that is just… *chef’s kiss*. this book is so funny i laughed out loud reading it. what can i say about except read it! you won’t regret it!
  • Rafe: a Buff Male Nanny + Xeni (Loose Ends #1 + #2), by rebekah weatherspoon: these two stories are mood-lighters and steamy reads. i absolutely loved weatherspoon’s writing and character building. it’s also really fun, and i highly recommend the audiobooks! they’re really good too. you don’t have to read them in their order, so which ever you read first is fine!
  • Neighborly (Erotic Accomodations #1), by katrina jackson: this polyamorous romance novella is the perfect way to spend your sunday afternoon. i absolutely loved katrina jackson’s story-telling, which is to say it is simple and hooking. this story is so hot you’ll have to stop reading to look for a fan, yet you wouldn’t be able to do so because it is just so addicting.
  • A Gentleman in the Street, by alisha rai: i haven’t talked about my favorite erotic romance in a while so let me just correct that. READ THIS BOOK. it’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s alisha rai. what are you waiting for? do it for me.
  • Birthday Sex: A Sexy Short Story, by té russ: i have read this 80-pages-long novella recently and i must say, i was hooked. it was everything i was looking for at that moment; which is a short quick steamy story. however, since it’s less than 100 pages, don’t go in expecting character development because it’s very short. just have fun reading it!
  • Guarding Temptation, by talia hibbert: what is your excuse for not reading this novella? talia hibbert delivers a steamy love story with strong and well-developped characters, along with a writing style that will keep you hooked until the last page. and the angst, GOD THE ANGST.

now that i’ve talked about all of these books, what’s your excuse for not having read them?

on a more serious note, i really hope you enjoy your time if you decide to pick one these books. i know i had! all of these stories brought me great joy when i needed it the most. in other words, they’re free serotonin (and angst). *winks*

have you read any of these books? what are your favorite romance reads for this fall?

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