september 2020 wrap up

this year is going slowly yet fast in a way i cannot explain and i don’t know how to deal with it.

september was no exception. not only did my personal life take an unexpected turn, i also started college, which has stolen away every bit of free time i had. i struggled to keep up with everything, and that’s why i neglected this blog a little bit.

but fear not! i have come back with great ideas for future posts. i just need to actually apply them…

for the same reasons stated above, i have not read as many books as i read during the summer (obviously). however, i am still proud my reading month because most of the books were really good! so let’s talk about the EIGHT BOOKS I HAVE READ IN SEPTEMBER:

click on the cover for more info about the book!
  • The Princess Trap (Dirty British Romance #1), by talia hibbert: this was a lot of fun! talia hibbert always delivers with her stories and this was no exception. also, the audiobook really enhanced my experience so i highly recommend it.
  • The Burning God (The Poppy War #3), by r. f. kuang (ARC): this was just…wow. i loved it so much. it destroyed every bit of hope i had for the world yet i hold it so dearly in my heart. (my favorite is still The Dragon Republic though.)
  • Me + Somebody’s Son: A Heights Story, by christina c. jones: i was looking for a quick novella to read between classes and this was just what i needed. it’s funny, it’s amazing, it’s hot, and it’s basically everything i am looking for in a erotica
  • One Last Dance, by anna stone: this wasn’t bad, but could’ve been much better if the romance hasn’t started when one of the characters was 18 and the other in her late twenties? though the characters do not get together until much later, it bugs me that their feelings for each other started developping at that point. other than that, it’s an interesting, quick story.
  • The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy #1), by s. a. chakraborty (REREAD): i loved this as much as the first time i read it, if not more. this story is just so!! great!! i really have no words. i can’t wait to see where the story goes in the next book.
  • Furia, by yamile saied méndez (ARC): this was so…i have no words. it made me feel a lot of things, including happiness and sadness (at the same time?). this book holds a strong message about following dreams, hope, getting out of toxic environments and love.
  • Birthday Sex, by té russ: a breath of fresh air. i read it in one sitting since it’s only 43 pages, and it was so good!!! i did not expect to like it as much as i did. definitely pick it up if you’re looking for some quick erotica to kill time.
  • The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club #1), by lyssa kay adams: this book guys!!!!! this book was so funny, so amazing, so cute and everything i loved it so much!!!!!!! my only complaint though is that one of the issues did not really get resolved (at least in my opinion). also, i just received the next book in the mail today and i can’t wait to dive into it!
(if you follow me on Goodreads you have probably seen that i have read one more book, just know that it’s only 16 pages and i read it because it’s so ridiculously funny, so it was the source of great laughs with friends. that’s why i am not including it here.)

on the blog:

though i am not happy with my blog this month, i try not to beat myself up about it because i know i needed time to organize myself in order to give time to every one of my activities (reading, blogging, studying, surviving, etc.). however, i do hope to post more during october!

goals for the next month:

  • read more indie books/novellas
  • post more on the blog
  • rest when needed

how was your september? read any great books? what are your goals for october? if you’re a student blogger, how do you handle blogging and studying?

14 Replies to “september 2020 wrap up”

  1. i am a junior in hs and tbh my schedule is very good this yr: all online; since i have dual enrollment my day either ends at 12:15 or at 2:00 to account for getting to my de campus (although my de class is online this semester too). i basically just do what i want when i want because my brain is mostly focused on school.

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  2. Eeeepp seems like you had a fabulous September Maha and I hope you have a lovely October!! Omg you raving about The Bromance Book Club has made me super excited bc I’ve been eyeing it and debating whether or not I actually want to read haha.

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  3. September was a hectic month for me too with all the deadlines coming up. Whenever things are going to get hectic, I usually scheduled my posts at the beginning of the month for the whole month. Idk why, but the ends/beginnings of the month are where I get inspired and in the mood to write a lot, so the timing always works 😂

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  4. You read such good books this month!! I’m so happy you loved the bromance book club bc its honestly one of my favorite romances. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the sequel ❤️❤️

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  5. i was so happy to see you were reading furia and i’m so glad you enjoyed it so much! it really is such a powerful read, that makes you feel *a lot*. it was disturbing at times to see a reality so close to my own in that book – being south-american myself -, but i loved camila so much as a protagonist and i think the author did an amazing job with the setting & the relationships.

    i really need to read the second book in the bromance book club series. i am not as excited for this second installment because i didn’t love liv in book #1, but the guys in the book club are so hilarious, i want to read for them, hahah.

    wishing you a great october!

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    1. furia was SUCH a good book, i did not expect to love it that much! it was especially painful to read about the relationships and family.
      and!! i read Undercover Bromance and it’s really good!! i definitely think we get to understand Liv better, and her actions make more sense when we get into her mind. i personally loved it, it was so sarcastic and had the enemies-to-lovers trope, which is one of my faves!
      thank you so much ❤️

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  6. I hope your classes have been going well! What are you studying? 🙂 I’m so excited to read The Burning God, but I’m also still making my way through The Dragon Republic, my brain knows it’ll suffer and doesn’t want to keep reading XD As for organization, I wish I could help! Sometimes I miss a few things, but mostly I do everything except take care of my mental health, so I’m exhausted all the time ):

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    1. thank you! im a psych major in university. also yes The Dragon Republic is so painful but it’s so worth it!! it’s now one of my all-time favorites!
      good luck to you with handling everything! i know how hard it can be ❤️

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