a good ol’ list of my favorite reads of the summer! (aka my comeback post)

*dusts off blog* well, hi. it’s been a while.

in the last two months, life has been pretty…hectic. i finally got to see my family after five months of that being impossible, and with everything i had to do (see family, read, prepare for college, start college, move from my old appartment to a new one), there was very little time for blogging, which is okay. i am trying to fit blogging into my schedule, so if i disappear off the face of the earth, it’s probably because i’m still figuring out how to fit in everything.

but anyway, summer has (sadly) come to an end. which means college for me (ugh), but also! fall! rain! spooky season! which i also love.

i am a little late, but to “conclude” summer, i decided to talk about my favorite books out of all the ones i have read in the last three months. so it’s kind of like a recommendation post? but not really? though i do recommend all of these books because they are amazing and i believe you should read them. i have already been screaming at my friends to read them so now it’s your turn.

so without much rambling, here are MY FAVORITE BOOKS OF SUMMER 2020:

  • All Boys Aren’t Blue, by george m. johnson: i was so blown away by this book that i listened to the whole audiobook in like,,, two days? it was so great and so impactful and as i probably said before, i believe every person should read this book. you can see how the author pours his heart into telling his story and it hits you in the feels.
  • The Henna Wars, by adiba jaigirdar: this book is actually the softest story ever. not only was it so easy to get into and so cute, it also hit hard for me concerning some topics and i was a little overwhelmed with love towards the characters and the author.
  • Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny + Xeni, by rebekah weatherspoon: these were my first rebekah weatherspoon novels and they definitely would not be the last. the only thing i regret is not picking up these sooner. things you can expect from these novels: feels, sexiness, pegging (in Xeni), and fun. so please pick them up asap.
  • I’ll Be the One, by lyla lee: apart from the fact that this story is so cute i was SQUEALING with excitment and feels, this book came to me at a mentally not-so-good part of my summer, that’s why i hold it close to my heart. it cheered me up and made me very happy. if you ever feel down, pick up I’ll Be The One because it might help.
  • Court of Lions (Mirage #2), by somaiya daud: this moroccan-inspired fantasy holds such a special place in my heart because moroccan! inspired! fantasy! Court of Lions was the perfect conclusion to a perfect duology and i could not ask for a better ending.
  • Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters #2), by talia hibbert: out of all the books by talia hibbert that i have read, this book is the one that i related to the most. i saw myself in dani in many ways, and for that, TAHDB has been living in my heart (and head) since i read it. i can’t wait to see what hibbert has in store for us in the last book of this series.
  • Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers #1), by rilzy adams: i picked this book up completely on a whim and what can i say,,, it blew my mind. (maybe friends-to-lovers deserves rights after all?) this book was so good. like, SO GOOD. devoured it in one sitting. if you are looking for a novella to get your mind off things, i highly recommend this one.
  • 10 Things I Hate About Pinky (Dimple and Rishi #3), by sandhya menon: though i read this back in may so technically not summer, i wanted to include it because it came out in july and i read it when the weather was hot so it counts? anyway, this book was such a beautiful conclusion to the Dimpleverse novels and it was my favorite out of the three. it’s just so…amazing and beautiful and well-written!!
  • The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War #2), by r. f. kuang: what can i say honestly? i cannot find the words to describe how much i loved this book (it’s my favorite out of the three books, if you’re asking). i loved the turn this story has taken and i love the characters and i love everything about this.

looking back, i can say i had a good summer reading-wise. i can’t wait to discover what fall has in stores for me! i do have a few books i wish to get into, but i am a very moody reader, so we’ll see.

what were your favorite books of the summer?

12 Replies to “a good ol’ list of my favorite reads of the summer! (aka my comeback post)”

  1. Welcome back! Starting college after months of summer is always a struggle, if I do say so myself 😅 I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but I’ll certainly be adding some of them to my TBR! Great post!

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  2. ahh so happy to see you are back!! i am following you on twt and saw that you posted this, and definitely agree w all of your choices (esp tdr and 10tihap). for me, i loved where dreams descend and now that i’ve found you, as well as lobizona (which i read in january!). wdd is so good and i finally can cosplay a fictional character. ntify is so cute and was the perfect end of summer read, and lobizona blew me away w the worldbuilding and the pacing and everything.

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  3. YAY MAHA COME BACK!!! Always adore your posts!! And also this list, yay for reading so much. I def didn’t read as much haha, the slump has been real.

    All Boys Aren’t Blue is SO GOOD OMG. And Dani Brown also. Loved those too. Sending all the love <3<3

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  4. welcome back!! ❤ there are so many great books in your list!! i'm beyond happy that you enjoyed take a hint, dani brown because i'm looking forward to reading that one! 😀

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