6 books/series to read instead of watching 365 DNI (ALL by women of color!)

if you don’t know what 365 DNI is…it’s trash, to say the least. in other words, it’s a weak (but funny) attempt at erotic romance, with questionable behaviors and quite frankly, absolutely no plot.

of course, i watched it and…i had a great laugh. it was just…THAT. i thought that instead of wasting two hours watching that movie, i could have read some amazing books. and then i was like hey! time for a recommendation post!

also i just needed a reason to recommend books.


(click on the covers for more info about the book!)

the forbidden hearts series, by alisha rai

this series is erotic romance, just like 365 DNI, but like the forbidden hearts series >>>>

it is hot and sweet at the same time, so amazing and wholesome and i just– i have so many feelings towards these books. they have all the great tropes (like second!! chance!! romance!!). it also casts powerful women and is sex-positive.

i know i talk about this series all the time but it’s just soooo good so pleaaase pick it up!!

a gentleman in the street, by alisha rai

another book by the same author, i know. but i couldn’t NOT include this one because it’s one of my favorite romances of all-time. the main character is also a very powerful woman, open about her sexuality and proud of it. i felt like i could kick ass just by reading from her point of view.

also just pick up all of alisha rai’s books because !!!! READ THEM.

the reluctant royals series, by alyssa cole

i mean, love stories involving princes and dukes? SIGN ME UP!

now i haven’t read all the books in this series, but i’m definitely planning on continuing with it, and am really recommending it. i just had such a fun time reading it because it’s so! good! alyssa cole knows how to make you fall in love with her characters, and everything is just soooo cuteeee.

guarding temptation, by talia hibbert

this is a quick novella that you can read in one sitting, and i can assure you that you will because it’s sooo addicting. i picked it up just to see what it’s about. next thing i knew i was done with it. usually i’m left wanting more when i read novellas, but this one? it was perfectly paced, perfectly written and perfectly perfect.

also just read all of talia hibbert’s books because she knows the words. she has talent and it should be supported.

the worst best man, by mia sosa


this book is delight wrapped in a story. it’s funny, cute, hot and SO AMAZING OVERALL. i really cannot scream enough about this book because it’s just so good. you will fly through the book in no-time. the dynamics between the couple? a+. the romance? a+. the character development? a+. everything? a+.

i would also highly recommend picking up the audiobook if you have the chance because it definitely enhanced my reading experience.

forbidden, by beverly jenkins

what would a romance recommendation post be without talking about beverly jenkins? the woman has talent and it should be said. i’m feeling ashamed that i have only read one of her books (this WILL change), but it’s one of my favorites of all-time. this book is not only an adorable read, it’s also educational on racism against Black people. though it’s a historical romance, the issues discussed are relevant to this day.

also, beverly jenkins has 20+ books (the woman has been writing since the 90s), so definitely check out her other books as well.

aaaaand that’s it! please pick up all of these books as soon as possible because they really deserve it! i hope you enjoy them all!


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have you watched 365 DNI? (if you haven’t, please spare yourself.) what’s your favorite romance book? have you read any of the books mentioned above? what were your thoughts?


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13 Replies to “6 books/series to read instead of watching 365 DNI (ALL by women of color!)”

  1. MAHA LEMME TELL YOU HOW APPALLED I WAS BY THE LACK OF PLOT IN THAT MOVIE!!!!!! LIKE WHAT!!!! SOFTCORE PORN I GUESs?!?!?! smh but this list goes hard i’ve read like one book on here because i’m too afraid of erotica romance. can’t say that anymore since i say through 365dni 😔😔😔 my eyes have been burnt

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THIS TITLE YES WE LOVE TO SEE IT. i’d probably never watch this movie because just no, but it literally has been #1 on the popularity ranking for netflix brazil. i’d be surprised but i live in brazil so honestly not really hahah. i was curious but uhhh yeah it’s not for me, lol.

    i’m happy you recommended so many amazing adult romance, as i’ve been wanting to read more by women of color! a gentleman in the street sounds badass; i’ll definitely look into it! tysm for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing this list! It’s filled with some of my faves 🙂
    I have to confess I did watch 365 dni and I enjoyed how much I made fun of it, half of it I was laughing or saying noooo with a friend


  4. I’m not at all interested in seeing the movie. I’m also one of those people who loves romance in books but on screen? NOPE. Plus, this isn’t even a romance. It sounds like a horror movie!

    Anyways, this list is incredible! I’ve read and loved pretty much all of these except for Beverly Jenkins – even I am a failure but she has so many books, I don’t know where to start!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i say spare yourself the trouble and don’t watch it GAGSHD
      thank you!! and i didn’t know either but Forbidden is GREAT and i think it would be a great start for you too!!


  5. The movie was absolutely hilarious at how weak it was, and I laughed a lot, but I’m definitely interested in having better content 😛 (even though it’s number one on netflix in portugal hahaha) so thank you so much for putting this list together!! I’ve only read A Princess In Theory and Once Ghosted, Twice Shy but liked them both, so I’m gonna do some research on the others 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow I love that you wrote this post. I,,, watched a bit of this godforsaken movie but yeah trash. Not even the sex scenes are that great tbh, what’s with the music?? Ahh I’m terrible.

    Basically this list is brilliant and I shall now put them all on my radar. The Worst Best Man sounds especially up my alley

    But I’d also like to give Alisha Rai a go as well as try Talia’s backlist as I’ve only read the Brown sisters books xx

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