a very late blogiversary post: answering your questions! (on favorite books, hobbies and inspirations)

well, hi. in case you didn’t know, my first blogiversary was three days ago. i have procrastinated writing this post for almost a week now, but let’s act like today is june 13th because!! blogiversary!!

i can’t believe it’s been over a year since i started this blog. book blogging has become a huge part of my life now, and while i’m definitely swinging the blogging thing, i am adoring it (most of the time). i am not one to blog consistently (i see some bloggers who post every other day like?? that’s so amazing?? you go people), but over the months, i have grown proud of my work. i know i still have a long way to go and will probably cringe at myself in the following years but let’s just think of the present for now.

speaking of present! let’s do a quick overview of the last year:

from june 13th 2019 to june 13th 2020, i have:

  • posted 47 articles (wow?)
  • gained over 220 followers (i never got to thank you all for 200 followers btw, so. THANK YOU FOR 200 FOLLOWERS HOW DO YOU ALL KEEP UP WITH ME.)
  • gathered over 4, 700 views!

this is honestly so huge for me. i couldn’t thank you all enough. i’ll try to keep bringing content and hopefully improve myself as the months (and years) go! thank you so much!

now to the fun part… i asked a few days ago on twitter if anyone had questions for me regarding reading or my blog or anything really. and i received a few replies!! let’s go through them…

i’m not gonna lie, motivation comes and goes. sometimes i find myself writing every other day, other times i struggle to find the will to do so. what keeps me a little on track though is writing random ideas on my notes app. i also do some tags when i’m really out of ideas.

i, like every blogger, have faced many challenges since starting my blog: bad mental health, lack of motivation, overwhelming schedule, etc. but i believe my idealistic side is my first challenge. i always have to write the best posts and have the best layout, and it’s hard for me to achieve self-satisfaction. it drains me sometimes.

*inserts a million hearts*

i think starting a blog was a result of wanting to have a personal space where i can talk about books without worrying about annoying people who don’t read. i also wanted to find people who have the same hobby as mine.

and oh my god i read so many books thanks to blogging!! but the ones i remember the most are Dear Martin, by nic stone, Red, White & Royal Blue by casey mcquiston, and Mirage by somaiya daud.

mmmmm i’d say recommendation posts! because i loooove to harrass people into reading my favorite books!

in order to balance studying and blogging, i try to reserve a specific time once a week (or once every other week) to blog. but of course, i don’t force myself to blog, especially during finals (even though i sometimes blog to procrastinate).

i have sooo many inspirations (and friends!) when it comes to blogging, especially may @ Forever and Everly (YOU), may @ My 1st Chapter and Fadwa @ Word Wonders. i find myself constantly looking through their posts for future inspirations (like,, it has become a problem).

when i’m not reading/blogging, i’m either on netflix watching tv shows or crime documentaries, drawing, shopping, baking or socializing (at least until my ambivalent ass is drained of it).

AAHH I MISS MOROCCAN DISHES SO MUCH!!! my favorite is probably Pastilla, it’s kind of a pie (?) either with chicken or seafood. i prefer the one with the seafood. i don’t care it’s the superior moroccan dish i refuse any criticism.

if we talk about when i initially started blogging (aka in middle school), my reading tastes have definitely changed. i now read more adult than YA and more contemporary than Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

i said it above but recommendation posts are really the best. as you can notice i like screaming to people about my favorite things.

i only tell very close people about my blog. i still have that fear that someone will discover it and make fun of me, and it’s just so! embarassing! however, it definitely used to be a very secret thing before.

as i said before, blogging was a way for me to express my love for books in a way that i couldn’t in real life. i definitely do not regret it, i made some amazing friends and discoveries thanks to blogging and i’m so thankful for you. i don’t even think i would be the person i am today if not for blogging. what i love most about it is that it’s just so…freeing. sometimes i feel like there’s no purpose in life and turn to my blog and find the light in the darkness. i don’t know how to explain it but it keeps me going.

my current favorite genre is probably Adult Romance. i just– i love it so much. i feel so so happy reading Adult Romance, it’s like my boost of serotonin.

and the answer to the hardest question ever: i don’t know what’s my favorite book of all time, but i find great comfort in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by rick riordan. i love it so so much, that series means the world to me.

i would say don’t lose hope. it may feel like you’re talking to a wall at the beginning, but soon people will find you and appreciate your art. also, don’t ever feel bad for taking a hiatus, planned or not. your followers do not owe you anything.

my favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice, which is indeed very similar to my favorite books (i mean, i love Pride & Prejudice by jane austen too sooo). i love historical romances so maybe that says something?

my favorite word is probably doodle because it’s so! cute! i love it!

i reaaally want to try sword-making! it looks so so so fun!!

aaaand that’s it. again, thank you all so much for keeping up with me. i promise to keep bringing the best in me (aka the greatest content).

i love you all.

17 Replies to “a very late blogiversary post: answering your questions! (on favorite books, hobbies and inspirations)”

  1. Happy Blogiversary Maha!!!! here’s to many more years of blogging and reading 😉 and wallahi your blog is amazing. the graphics and the content is chef’s kiss so don’t ever doubt yourself again!! I can’t wait for more recommendations by you bc you’re one of the few that I trust. love youu lots ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I only just found your blog a few days ago and IM SO SAD because I’ve been missing out on a year worth of content 💔 but I’m so glad I’m following you now!! Happy anniversary 🎉 also I really want to read more adult romance books because the one I did read (you deserve each other) made me so happy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yayyy! happy blogiversary, maha! you’re late and i’m late, so i guess it’s fine? hahah. 200+ followers in one year is such an amazing achievement! congratulations!!! 💕

    it’s so awesome you ended up reading dear martin because of book blog; it’s the same on my end too. i heard a few bloggers talking about it and decided to pick it up myself, and i couldn’t be happier i did, as it is one of my favorite books of all times.

    i recently fell in love with writing recommendations posts myself. at first, i thought it would never be my type of post to write because i thought i didn’t read as much as other bloggers, but then i realized that i actually *do* and have a lot to recommend! they’re super fun to write for the reason you mentioned, but i also like because it allows me to talk more about a book than i usually would in my monthly wrap-up’s mini reviews.

    i don’t think anyone in my personal life knows i have a blog hahah it’s very awkward, definitely! and especially for me, who’s blogging in another language, they’d probably think i’m such a weirdo, hahah.

    once again, happy blogiversary, maha! i am so glad i found your blog!

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    1. thank you!!! 😭💕
      ahhh yes it’s one of the best books i’ve ever read in my life!!!
      it IS scary and anxiety-inducing to talk about my blog to people in real life, not gonna lie, so i totally understand where you’re coming from.
      thank you so much!! 🥺

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  4. i love you so much bb!!! i didn’t know you were going to put my tweet with “fang runin lovebot” right there in the dn but…. i’ll take it 😎 also MWAH I LOVE YOU i can’t believe i’m an inspiration for you 🥺 congrats on your blogiversary, you’re amazing and my favorite and thank you for the blogging/studying tips!!

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