a chill chat about what i’m currently reading, watching, etc. (+ my very optimistic TBR)

i realized it’s been a while since i’ve sat down and just chatted about what i’ve been up to on my blog, since, you know, i’ve been doing monthly wrap-ups. but i wanted to do one of these because i like writing them!!

this last week was a chill one for me, even though my mental health hadn’t been the best, but i’m coping! i feel a tiny little bit better now, so there’s that. also, i’ve been reading some pretty amazing books, and one of them made me really happy….

meet my new favorite book!!!!!!

Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper #1), by alice oseman, is just the cutest, most wholesome graphic novel ever. it’s so quick to read (since it’s a graphic novel), but it impacted me nonetheless, because i needed it at the time. i also have never ordered books as fast as when i ordered the next volumes of this series. i can’t wait to have them in my hands! you bet i will read them both as soon as possible!

i feel like this book is a pretty popular one, and at this point pretty much everyone knows what it’s about, but Heartstopper is a love story between Nick and Charlie, who sit one day next to each other in class, and start being friends from there. the story also tackles some very important issues, which makes it light and also insightful, which i absolutely love.

trigger warning: abusive relationship.

i’m excited about the fact that i’m getting into graphic novels/mangas. as i said in my last post, i really want to read more of this genre, so at least i’m keeping up with my goals for once.

as for now, i am currently reading two books:

  • i’m listening to the audiobook of Not Your Sidekick (Sidekick Squad #1), by c. b. lee, and it’s surprisingly very fun! i had heard that the narrator is very good, and now that i’m little less halfway through it, i must agree. it’s definitely a familiar voice, because i’ve heard it before but i can’t pinpoint in which audiobook. anyway. the narrator is very good so it enhances my reading experience.
  • i’m also reading Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1) by talia hibbert, which is an adult contemporary romance and i am loving it! i was told that talia hibbert doesn’t disappoint but damn. i did not see this one coming! i can’t wait to read more of it, and really hope it becomes a new favorite of mine.

i have also been watching a few good shows lately, especially after my finals. i tend to stop watching anything when finals approach because it becomes a distraction and i know i’ll feel horrible after bing-watching a show instead of studying. so now i binge-watch shows without feeling bad about it!

here’s what i’m currently watching:

first of all, i started watching Who Killed Malcolm X, which is a documentary series about the life, and especially death of Malcolm X. it’s on netflix, so it’s easily accessible. not gonna lie, i am enjoying it, a lot. obviously, it’s very educational and eye-opening. so i highly recommend giving it a try.

i’m also catching up on The Bold Type. i watched the first season when it first came out and then…never finished. now that there are four seasons in the show, i’m having a blast binge-watching it! it’s just so fun, smart, empowering and discusses issues that are actually relevant like white privilege , identity, and many more.

if you’ve never heard of The Bold Type, it’s about these three best-friends who work together at Scarlet, a magazine that works on empowering women. they have many issues regarding their careers and love life, and we follow them as they grow and learn. so it’s light and fun and i highly recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for.

aaaand finally, i just wanted to add some books i hope to get into in june. i know i never stick to TBRs, but the least i can do is try. plus these are books i reaaaaally hope i can read!

(click on the cover to be directed to the book’s goodreads’ page.)

i feel very optimistic, but let’s see how it goes…

what are you currently reading and watching? have you read any recent faves?


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18 Replies to “a chill chat about what i’m currently reading, watching, etc. (+ my very optimistic TBR)”

  1. i’m so happy you loved heartstopper!! and yes to enjoying not your sidekick, it really is just a fun enjoyable read (with such a cute romance!) 🥺 there are so many good books on your tbr — i hope you love gopaf and the henna wars especially, and i’m so so excited to read all boys aren’t blue and something to talk about!

    i finished atla last month and i’m still so obsessed with it, but i’ve also started watching she-ra and i’m almost done! i’m glad you’re able to binge watch shows without feeling bad ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not Your Sidekick was sooooo cuteee!!!!! i just started gopaf and it’s veeeery intriguing so far!!
      okay you’re the second person in my comments talking about she-ra i HAVE to see what the hype is about

      Liked by 1 person

  2. get a hint chloe brown was super cute! i love chloe and red omg. i also really loved the meet cute club!!!! i hope u get to it soon! the bold type is such a good show.

    im currently reading modern lovers by emma straub and i am…. not enjoying it :/ im not a fan of the writing but i dont want to dnf it because im only 12% in. i started watching she-ra yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yess it’s sooo cutee!! and im currently reading Meet Cute Club and it’s veryyy cuteee
      oh nooooo!!!!! hope you enjoy all the other books you read in june!!! and i’ve heard everyone talking about she-ra but idk what it’s about?? definitely checking it out!! thank you!!


  3. heart stopper is lovely! i have only read the first volume so far too, but i really want to continue on with this series, as i absolutely adored the characters. i think i probably want to pick up solitaire first? even though everyone says is the worst book by alice oseman, i am still intrigued about it.
    i am also very interested in take a hint, dani brown, which i believe was just recently released. from what i recall, it’s about friends with benefits, and i don’t think i’ve ever read a romance with this trope, so i am looking forward to it! and henna wars as well, because i recently found out one of the characters is half-brazilian so ofc i have to check it out, hahah.
    i am always looking for new documentaries to watch and i will for sure check out who killed malcolm x. documentary series are not my favorite, because i like watching them in one go and i get easily overwhelmed with series, but it sounds really interesting and i definitely don’t know enough about him.
    wishing you all the luck on your tar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. im reaaaaally excited to finish with heartstopper!!! i can’t wait!! and i’ll check out other alice oseman books, hopefully find something that appeals to me
      hope you like Who Killed Malcolm X!!

      Liked by 1 person

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