april 2020 wrap up

how come march was the longest month in the whole history yet april flew by like that? i still even have processed that april is here and now it’s gone. someone tell me how.

april wasn’t even a busy month for me. i mostly studied, read books, blogged and watched shows and movies on netflix. it was a chill month for me, after i decided i would reduce how much i check the news to avoid anxious thoughts. and i must say, it helped me, a lot. i spent my days locked in my little room not disturbing anyone. ramadan also started at the end of april so now i spend my days cooking in addiction to everything.

since all i do is stay home and procrastinate, i managed to read way more books than i usually read. not to be that bitch but you’re currently talking to the girl who’s six books ahead of her schedule on goodreads. yep, that’s right. i am very proud of myself.

books i read:

  • THE LADY’S GUIDE TO CELESTIAL MECHANICS, by olivia waite: this book was the most beautiful book i have read in a while. it’s so soft and powerful, discusses issues that are still relevant to this day. i’m full of feelings just talking about it.
  • THE SCANDALOUS, DISSOLUTE, NO-GOOD MR. WRIGHT, by tessa dare: this is a novella i found on scribd and it was just what i was looking for, a quick witty read. tessa dare did not disappoint and i found myself rooting for the characters.
  • A PRINCESS IN THEORY, by alyssa cole: i have been meaning to read this book for years and i finally picked it up and i do not regret it. this romance is fairy-tale-ish, has amazing character development and scenes that will leave you swooning.
  • A DUKE BY DEFAULT, by alyssa cole: the companion novel to A Princess in Theory and it did not disappoint either. alyssa cole has a way with words and creates characters that take a place in your heart and never leaves it. can’t wait to read other novels in the series!
  • GUARDING TEMPTATION, by talia hibbert (ARC): this certainly was a pleasant surprise. i went in with absolutely no expectation and was left looking for words. i was so so amazed by how quickly i’ve become attached to the characters of a novella, which is something that doesn’t happen often for me.
  • WILDER GIRLS, by rory power: this is a YA horror novel, and while i was not horrified, i still enjoyed it very much. i found it hard to get into and i found the writing not much to my liking, but i had a great time.
  • A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA, by tahereh mafi: in my attempt to read more books by muslim authors for ramadan, i decided to start with this one and oh boy. i was hit right in the feels. it hurt how much i related to the main character, but the book was so beautiful and hopeful that it left grinning from ear to ear at the end. i highly recommend it.
  • GIRL, SERPENT, THORN, by melissa bashardoust (ARC): i was surprised by how much i liked this book. from the world-building to the characters to the plot, everything amazed me. i am very glad i picked up this book.

on the blog:

not gonna lie, i’m actually quite proud of myself bookish-wise and blogging-wise. i finally have ideas! good ones! for posts! yay! stay tuned for what happens next! but on a more serious note, i really hope i get to keep up this productivity in the next months, even though it’s going to be a little hard considering that finals are nearer than before (and i live in total denial of that).

goals for the next month:

for the rest of ramadan (until may 23rd), i’m hoping to read and promote more books by muslim authors. and since may is also AAPI heritage month, i’m hoping to read books for that as well! i also hope to publish posts with these two topics.

may is also my birthday month (may 30th, so almost at the end of the month, but still)! i can’t believe i’ll be 19, how did this even happen…

how was april for you? did you read any great books? any new favorites? link me to your wrap-up if you posted it, so i can check it out!

17 Replies to “april 2020 wrap up”

  1. i was also able to read a LOT more than i normally would because i was at home this entire month! i’m so glad you enjoyed A Very Large Expanse of Sea, it’s one of my all-time favorite books. 🥰🥰 good luck with your goals for next month, and happy early bday as well! i hope you have a beautiful May ❤


  2. six books ahead of schedule, GO YOU!!! i’m really happy to hear that you loved avleos and was able to connect with it as a muslim reader, that warms my heart and it truly was a very beautiful book 💕 and aahh i’m so glad that you enjoyed girl, serpent, thorn as well!! the more i hear about it the more i Need it in my hands 😭💗 i hope you have a fantastic may, and happy early birthday!!


  3. I’ve been wanting to start some of Tessa Dares books! Ive heard great things about them, and I also have an ARC for Girl,Serpent,Thorn and am glad to hear u liked it so much!! Great wrap up 🙂


  4. I’m so glad that April was a chill month for you! Pretending the news doesn’t exist is also one of my coping mechanisms right now, haha. I was unsure about The Lady’s Guide since I heard that it’s an instant attraction romance, and those aren’t my cup of tea. But I’ve heard so many good things about it that I’ll probably pick it up! Also, I’m very excited to read A Very Large Expanse of Sea and Girl, Serpent, Thorn. I’m so glad that you enjoyed both of them.
    Hope you have a wonderful May and Ramadan ❤

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    1. thank you so much! ❤️
      hope you enjoy The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics once you pick it up! instant attraction romance definitely isn’t my thing either, but i still loved the book!
      hope you have a great may full of great books ❤️

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  5. I’m SO happy you liked The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics! I absolutely adored it too! I thought that A Princess in Theory was very nice too. Wishing you a lovely May! ❤

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  6. yahoo! congrats on being ahead your reading schedule! quarantine has been really good for my reading goal as well, hahah. probably one of the only positive things coming from this whole thing.
    i am glad you enjoyed a very large expanse of sea so much! the romance was really great and one i still think about. ocean was adorable and the break dancing references were really fun, hahah.
    i’ve been thinking more and more about picking up the wilder girls because of the asexual rep, but i don’t really vibe with horror. i think it would be a bit too much out of my comfort zone as i get scared very easily.
    good luck on your finals next month! will you be having tests online? some of my friends did and they said the tests were a lot harder because of that. i’m sure you’ll do well, though!

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    1. thank you so much!!!!
      wilder girls was definitely a book out of my comfort zone but i still (strangely) enjoyed it! you can give it a try!!
      yes i’m taking the tests online, unfortunately *sigh*. hopefully it goes well!

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