i share my most treasured secrets…or as people like to call them: my good reading habits

while i’m not the fastest reader (my goal is to read 50 books this year), i have learnt, throughout the years, how to keep a good pace for reading and not fall into a bad reading slump. i wish i could read more (i mean, who doesn’t), but reading 4-5 books a month is what’s best for me at the moment.

after reading may’s post about good reading habits (which you should definitely check out), i decided to give you all my secrets too, since, you know, i’m the kindest human being *flips hair*.

the rules of this tag (yes, this is a tag and no, no one tagged me) are quite simple: link back to the creator (ally), list some of your good reading habits, and tag other people!

so, gather around folks, it’s about to get serious… here are my GOOD READING HABITS:

♡ specific reading time ♡

it could be after waking up, before going to sleep, or anytime really, but picking up a specific time during the day really helps, that way you keep reading every day. whether you read 10 or 100 pages (or the whole book) during that time, at least you would’ve made progress.

(if it helps, i get some reading done everyday at 4-6pm? something like that. usually it’s right after studying.)

♡ buddy reading! ♡

i haven’t done any buddy reading in years but i sure as hell remember how fast i was when i was reading with somebody. if you are extremely competitive like me, buddy reading can be really fun. of course, the most exciting part is having to talk about the book with your buddy!

♡ audiobooks are the best! ♡

if you don’t feel like sitting down and reading, but still want to get reading done, or you’re a multitasker, audiobooks are your friends. reading audiobooks is seriously the best thing i have started doing in 2019. not only does it help me not get into a reading slump, i also feel sometimes like i’m inside the story when the narrator is really good.

(this is an invitation to read elizabeth acevedo’s audiobooks because they are the best.)

♡ if you’re not liking a book, throw it ♡

seriously, you do NOT want a book to get you into a slump, it really sucks. it happened to me a few times, and i decided it would not happen in 2020. if you are really not enjoying a book, it’s useless to continue. i know you’ll feel satisfied finishing it, but you may feel happier when you just stop reading it. do not force yourself, reading should be fun.

aaand that’s it. this post is a pretty short one, but i hope it’s helpful. of course, i do not guarantee that this will work for everyone.

i tag anyone who wants to do this (aka if you’re reading this, DO ITTT). i guarantee, it’s really fun!

what are some of your good reading habits? let’s help each other out!!

17 Replies to “i share my most treasured secrets…or as people like to call them: my good reading habits”

  1. haha, you’re clearly a much better person than i’ll ever be. i practically have no good reading habits, lol. i don’t have a specific reading time, but i do try to set myself a goal to read at least x number of pages a day, so that i’m at least reading daily. of course there are days in which i skip, so i have to compensate on the following days, but it has been working alright.
    i do wish i was better at DNF-ing, though! i just started reading this book and i *know* i will probably give it 2 stars, but i just have to see it through, so i won’t DNF it just yet. the two books i have DNF-ed in the past two years have also been DNFs after i was already more than halfway done with them, even though i wasn’t enjoying myself since the 20% mark. i really need to work on this!

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    1. setting daily goals can also be a great habit!! if it helps you develop a good reading pace for you, then isn’t it a good thing?
      i understand how dnfing can be hard. i, too, give books 1-2 stars after finishing them. i dnf when i don’t have any patience left in me 😂😂

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  2. All your reading habits made a lot of sense! I miss the days when I had a regular commute and could use it to read 🙂 that always really helped my progress!
    Unfortunately I am one of the few people who cannot deal with audiobooks. They seem so practical but I retain zero information from what I listen to unless that’s all I focus on and then I can’t help but think “if I can’t do anything while listening to it, I could have just picked up a physical copy”. It’s silly, but that’s apparently how my brain works.

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  3. I do all of these, with the exception of the first one – I know it works for many people, which is great, but deciding that certain times are for reading makes it seem like a chore to me. Which then results in a slump. 😅

    But the rest!! Yes to all of them! Another thing, regarding being competitive, is to do reading challenges with someone else, so we can push each other to do better (not in an annoying way, but you know.)

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    1. i get it! of course, if reading becomes a chore, then it defeats the whole purpose of reading for fun!
      AAHH YES READING CHALLENGES!! i have been thinking of joining some… (and yes, i totally get it)

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  4. ahhh im 2 sentences in and i already love this post 😍😍 50 books a year is amazing and you’re doing the most!! we love to see it!!

    i love your tips on how to read more and i agree with all of them. choosing a specific reading time really helps me get into the reading mood especially when everything around me is chaos and i feel like doing nothing but being a human slug. AUDIOBOOKS!!! they truly are the most superior form of reading, i adore them with all my heart

    dnfing a book you aren’t enjoying is THE BEST ADVICE!! it can be hard sometimes but if it’s truly bothering you and hindering the reading, it’s GOT to go!!

    i loved this post and found it super informative!! great job ❤️❤️

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  5. These are great tips! I also really like buddy reading, even though it’s been a while since my last one, which lowkey was a bit of a disaster. While I consider I have some good reading habits, I don’t think I have one specifically for keeping a good pace. I try to read a bit every day, but I don’t get really mad when I don’t, and sometimes I just wake up in the mood to read all day. It gets messy hahah I haven’t given up on audiobooks quite yet, but so far my experience with them isn’t great. I wish I could focus on them better! You have amazing reading habits 😀

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    1. thank you!
      i hope you enjoy audiobooks when you try them!! i personally really love them.
      and your reading habits are good too!! each person has their own habits and pace and i think yours are amazing too 😀

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  6. Ahhh thank you for doing the tag! 💕 I love having set reading times as well! I try to read during breakfast, because then if I accomplish nothing else during the day, at least I read something! And audiobooks are such a lifesaver for reading more books


  7. maha we have to pick a book and buddy read it together!! and yes yes and a million yes Elizabeth Acevedo’s books are just “chefs kiss” and I’m so happy you agree!

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    1. i’d be sooo happy to buddy read something with youu!! just dm me ANYTIME if you have a book in mind okayy?
      and Elizabeth Acevedo is just…i can’t wait to read her newest book, Clap When You Land!!


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