five things i plan on doing during self-isolation (lists! my favorite thing!)

now that we’re self-isolating, i feel like i have all the time in the world to pursue dreams i couldn’t think about before because of normal life (which, sometimes, i wish we could get back to). if you think about it, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be more productive and/or to just lay down and do absolutely nothing without anyone making you feel bad about it (FOR ONCE).

i personnally took the first option. don’t get me wrong, i do have a strong desire to lay down and do absolutely nothing, but i’m the kind of person who HAS TO BE DOING SOMETHING (i must admit, it’s sometimes not my best quality). that’s why i decided to make a little list of everything i plan on doing during this time, and that i want to share with you today!

wo without further ado, here are FIVE THINGS I PLAN ON DOING DURING SELF-ISOLATION:

♡ go through my tbr ♡

while this is something i also do in a normal context, this time is a chance to go through my TBR without buying more books (since, you know, everything is closed), that way my TBR pile shrinks a little (because the way it has been expanding lately scares me). i also plan on reading more than usual so let’s see how that goes!

here are some of the books i plan on reading (of course, excluding the ones i have already read):

♡ read all (or at least most) of my ARCs/books i have for review ♡

there was a time where i requested quite a bit of books on netgalley/edelweiss, thinking i would be declined for most of them. well, i was. but i still have a lot of books to read and review. i hope to get through them during this time. here are my most anticipated ones!

my current read!!

♡ post more on the blog ♡

i know this is a goal i always have but i reaaaaally want to post more. i even have some ideas that just need to be put into execution . and now it really is the time to do so because, as i said before, i have all the time in the world. nothing is stopping me except my laziness. i have no excuse, i really don’t.

♡ draw more ♡

i don’t know if i ever mentioned before but drawing is a big hobby of mine. unfortunately, during the last few years, i neglected it, a lot. that’s why i am hopping to pick it up where i left it. i know i may have lost some skills, but this is my chance to get them back and develop some more. hopefully drawing can become a habit again.

♡ learn korean ♡

i’ve been learning korean for a while now, but have lost the habit in the last few months. i am hoping to get back to it during this self-isolation. korean is a language i find really beautiful, and i really want to become fluent. plus, the korean culture never fails to amaze me.

some other goals of mine:

  • not overwork myself
  • not develop bad sleeping habits
  • not break my study schedule

aaand here you go! i hope this post serves me as a reminder to follow my goals and not fall into laziness because it increases my anxiety.

do you have goals for this self-isolation? if yes, what are some of them? (it’s okay not to have any goal!!)

25 Replies to “five things i plan on doing during self-isolation (lists! my favorite thing!)”

  1. These are some amazing goals during this time. I plan on working (When I can), reading (of course) and currently playing as much Sims as possible.

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  2. Hope you achieve all the goals on your list! i’m also tryin to use this time to catch up on my tbr and arcs (i currently have 8 how did this happen?!?) Happy reading 🙂

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  3. aww maha!! please also make sure to relax sometimes and just “do nothing” — we all have that work hard habit ingrained in us but it’s important to also just take care and let ourselves just breathe for a moment, even if it’s for like a day (or less) 💕

    but i totally get why you want to be productive! i think these are all really great plans. i’ve actually been meaning to read the downstairs girl — i don’t know when i’d be able to get to it because i’m relying heavily on my mood for reading rn, and i’m not feeling up to historical atm, but… maybe we can buddy read it? 🥺🥺

    1) i’d love to see more posts from you and i’m excited to see what new ideas you have!! 2) i can’t wait to see some of your drawings if you ever decide to share them — i know they’ll be amazing 💓

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    1. don’t worry!! i make sure to take the weekend aaaaall for myself (watch tv shows, read books, sleep well, etc.) i hope you take some days for yourself too!! (if you don’t, imma fight)
      YESS WE CAN TOTALLY BUDDY READ THE DOWNSTAIRS GIRL!! just hit me up anytime, i’m always in the mood for historical fiction.
      thank you so much!! 💕
      hope you’re staying safe, eating well, and being happy ✨

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  4. I love this ❤ I haven't been blogging for 10 months, but ever since quarantine started, I actually pursued a new initiative to return to the blog and try posting content at least weekly or monthly. It feels so good to have this time to reflect on recent events in life, find joy in the little things, and share my insights with others. I am glad that you have stuff to do. Like you, I am going to read more books during this break while I am on home quarantine.

    I hope you stay safe always and take care!

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

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  5. I love your list and am a little bit shocked at how similar it is to mine haha I have quite a lot of backlisted books or books I have bought and just never felt in the mood to read or had time to read before. Getting to those would be a big step during this isolation period 🙂
    I, also, like to draw!! I love to do watercolor portraits, but lately motivation has been really low. I thought I would have used this time so far to really dive into it, but, alas, not yet. But it’s definitely on my task list!
    And then, lastly, I also want to keep learning a language. I started Norwegian a while back (pretty sure it had something to do with a Netflix show) and I just wanted to continue with that ever since. Duolingo even stopped saying it misses me, so it’s been a while since I got sidetracked.

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    1. omg we have similar lists!!! great minds do think alike. i hope you get into the books you want to read during this time.
      also, don’t worry about motivation. slumps happen and are part of every activity. just let things happen and you’ll eventually go back to drawing.
      i hope you achieve all that you want to do during this time!

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  6. we LOVE lists!!! lists are the very best!! it really is time to tackle our never ending tbrs during these times (though i will consistently find myself on youtube when im supposed to be reading??? weird) i really enjoyed the downstairs girl and i’ve heard GREAT things about ‘if i never met you’ so i can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!

    ahh ‘where dreams descend’ SOUNDS SO GOOD!! i hope it doesnt disappoint, i’ll be keeping my eyes out for your review 👀 omg you draw too? 🥺🥺 that’s so wholesome!! i hope you’re able to get back to it and i would LOVE to see some of the stuff you draw if you’re comfortable with sharing ❤️

    good luck with all your goals!! i’m sure you’re going to do amazing and i hope you’re doing well and staying safe ❤️

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    1. spending time on youtube is great too!! everything is great, as long as you take care of yourself!!
      and i’ll make sure to read and review Where Dreams Descend asap because i am super excited for it!!
      i don’t know if i’ll share any of my drawings here (still thinking about it), but if you want i can DM you some pics on twitter :))
      thank you! stay safe, eat well, and take care of yourself ❤️


  7. I want to organize my home. Get some of the home projects I’ve been putting off done & plan for new ones once this is over. Also, I decided to come back to blogging this week, so there’s that!

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  8. Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t check out your blog before, but this last week was a bit crazy. I loved the post, but I’m a bit guilty, I also love lists 😛 PLS GO READ THE LADY’S GUIDE TO CELESTIAL MECHANICS! It’s really soft and sweet, and perfect to get your mind off the bad stuff in the world right now. Thankfully, I’ve been keeping busy. I also can’t just stand here, not doing anything productive. I’ve been doing my internship work from home, and also I’ve been having online classes, so it’s basically eight hours of work and then studying. It doesn’t leave me with much free time, but once I finish my internship (which will hopefully be soon) I hope I’ll have more time to read and blog. Stay safe! 💖

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