5 things i wish i knew before i started blogging (+ a new look for a new beginning!)

blogging has become in the last few years a huge part of my life. i dedicate most of my free time to writing posts, customizing my blog, coming up with ideas, etc. and while i love it a lot, there are some things i wish i was told before.

it’s not that i wouldn’t have started blogging if i was told tall of this, it’s just that at least, i would have been mentally prepared for them.

without further ado, here are things i wish i knew before i started blogging:

♡ blogging takes A LOT of time ♡

and i mean A LOT OF TIME. as i said before, from coming up with ideas, writing, editing, reviewing ARCs, customizing your blog, most of my free time ends up taken. i find myself writing notes on my way home, or spending my whole day changing how my blog looks because i grew tired of it. and throughout the years, i learnt that sometimes i have to give up blogging to do other things like read or socialize more, because i don’t know how to deal with everything.

♡ slumps are real…and it’s okay ♡

my first blogging slump was annoying, to say the least. i was so disappointed in myself for not being able to come up with more ideas, and annoyed that my last post was four days ago (lmao look at me now). but then, i came out of it, and had a rush of productivity, then had another slump, and so on. i believe now that slumps are a normal step of any activity, and can even be beneficial. the breaks i take from blogging help me breathe before it becomes overwhelming, that way blogging doesn’t become a chore.

♡ blog for yourself, not for others ♡

when i first started blogging, i was so eager to see likes and comments on my posts that i became obsessed with stats. a post that won’t do as well as the others will lower my self-esteem. don’t get me wrong, it still does, but i try to not let it get to my head as much as it used to be. i try to write posts and not expect ANY interaction, that way i won’t be disappointed even if i, eventually, don’t get any.

♡ don’t request that many ARCs! you WON’T read them! ♡

when i first discovered Netgalley, Edelweiss+ and how to get ARCs, i felt…unstoppable. your girl was requesting dozens of review copies at a time. later on i found myself with about ten ARCs to read and not enough time to do so. so what did your girl do? panic.

so yeah, don’t request that many review copies. choose only the ones you’re at least 60% sure you’ll enjoy. i still sometimes go feral, but i think i control myself for the most part.

♡ if you’re not good at it from the beginning, you’ll get better with time ♡

because practice helps. and even if you’re great from the start, you’ll get better at it with practice. and if you go back to your first posts after some time and say “ew, what was i thinking, writing this?”, it means you got better, which means you’re growing as a content provider, and i think that’s wonderful.

aaaand that’s it. writing this reminds me of how much love and affection i have towards blogging. i really hope i keep blogging for a long long time.

PLUS: a new look for a new beginning!

as you can probably see, i decided to do a little makeover for this blog, because the old look was honestly boring me and i couldn’t take it any longer. and look at it! i am so proud of myself, even though it took, like, a whole day.

but look! a new logo! new header! new image style for posts! new about me picture! all new and shiny and beautiful!

anyway, i hope you like it as much as i do.

what is some advice you wish you could give to your younger self?

9 Replies to “5 things i wish i knew before i started blogging (+ a new look for a new beginning!)”

  1. first of all i love your new blog look!! (very cute — just like you 😎💗) and second of all i love this post!! i really like your view on slumps; clearly i’ve been in a blogging slump for quite a bit, so hearing that you think it’s a normal part of any activity makes me feel a lot better haha. if i had to give any advice to my younger blogging self, it would probably be to take the breaks i needed so i didn’t end up overworking myself and burning out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!! i am glad you like it!! (ASAKDKLD)❤️
      and don’t worry about your slump! i know they can be hard but i am sure you will overcome them, just let things be and blogging will come back easily.
      and YES!! i would tell my younger self to take some breaks too, god knows how much i wish i had some now.

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  2. Blogging takes *so* much time! I thought I knew what I was signing up for since I had followed a few book blogs before I began blogging, and I heard them talk about how time consuming it could be. But I didn’t really get it until I had a blog of my own. I had only considered the actual writing portion beforehand, but I now know that’s only a fraction of the work involved in being a blogger! There’s editing, formatting, adding gifs, tweaking HTML. There’s blog hopping, responding to comments, promoting old post, thinking up new posts. I’m so happy to use my time this way, but I definitely didn’t realize the time investment I was making!


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