i talk about popular books i do not like (the one where i’m very bitter)

who am i? posting twice during the same week? is this real?

no, this is really me. i am developping into this organized person who posts more often. at least i hope i am. in fact, i already have many post ideas in my head. can you believe it? i can’t.

(watch me not post for the next hundred years.)

anyway, i have come today for a not-so-positive post. i have been debating whether to write this or not for a while now because i try to keep this space a positive one but fuck it! here are some POPULAR BOOKS I DO NOT LIKE:

THE KISS QUOTIENT, by helen hoang ♡

36199084._sy475_i decided to start with one of my most recent reads because i vividly remember my issues with it. the thing is: i did not hate this book, but i did not like it either. while it was fun at times, it was boring at others. it was just your typical cliché romance, while it had the potential to explore so much more than just that. another thing is the male character, michael? i didn’t like him. no no, i hated him. at first when i was reading the book, i did not understand why he seemed off tome, but after reading many reviews on goodreads, i realized why. one of my favorite bloggers, chaima,  managed to exactly transcript how i was feeling about it all. quoting a paragraph from her review here:

“I fault this book for trying to depict a well-balanced pairing only to deploy it in ways that feel manipulative and disingenuous. The bar was already set so low for Michael…and yet, he still managed to slide right under it. Michael says all the right things to make Stella feel comfortable, but his words stand in blatant contrast against his actions—which were infuriatingly manipulative and alarming. For instance, when Stella clearly voices her discomfort with something, Michael sweeps aside her comments like you’d brush crumbs from a table and assures her that she’ll enjoy it when she tries it, and of course, she doesher agency completely disregarded by this point. The relentless patronizing Michael was subtly practicing throughout this book left a deeper impression than anything else, and this sort of behavior from a narrator whose perspective I truly wanted to trust, but who frequently engages in musings on hypocrisy and inconsistency, stuck out in ways that I couldn’t just chalk up to unreliability.”

i’d like to add that there was one scene where it is said that stella (the female main character) is older than him. when she asks whether that is a problem, he answers by saying that he had a thing for his sophomore teacher when she was “bending down” or whatever. i mean, he could’ve said that he doesn’t have a problem and that’s it but no, he decided to make the book a hundred times worse for me.

A RIVER OF ROYAL BLOOD, by amanda joy ♡

37538577because this is a north-african inspired YA fantasy, i was so excited to get my hands on it. however, i was disappointed, to say the least. i ended up dnfing it because i couldn’t put up with it anymore. i was half into the book and i felt like nothing really happened, in addition to the fact that the world building was thrown at me at once and then the book kept on going like i understood everything. i spent half my time going back to the beginning to try and understand and then just got tired and decided to drop it.


31145133i had very high expectations for this one. VERY HIGH. and then this book decided to let me down. the premise looked amazing: a teenager gets inspired by korean dramas to try and win her crush’s heart. it combined most of my favorite things: korean dramas and romance. i mean, how could i say no to this one? it turned out to be a pass for me. the characters were flat, the love interest was not my favorite, and the main characters had some questionable actions. there’s a fine line between trying to win your crush’s heart and straight-up creating problems for him so he could “love” you. i’ll have to give this one a big no.

LADY MIDNIGHT, by cassandra clare ♡

25494343the thing i regret the most about this book is that i have not read it sooner, because i would have enjoyed it more. in fact, i still have hope i will pick it up one day and finish it (it’s still in my “currently reading” shelf on goodreads). this book started out great. it felt good to be back into the shadowhunters’ world, and the premise looked amazing. but then it was so boring that by the time it started to pick up, i lost all interest in the story. the book could’ve been 500-pages long instead of 700, i think it wouldn’t have made a big difference. the story is not bad, so i don’t know if it’s me who just…grew out of it. it’s so sad.

JOSH AND HAZEL’S GUIDE TO NOT DATING, by christina lauren ♡

40189670this is also one of my recent reads, and let me say that 2020 has not been a good reading year so far. in fact, it has been disappointing. and this book is one of the reasons why.

i had expectations for this one, especially since i have read THE UNHONEYMOONERS a few months ago by the same authors and have absolutely loved it. and to be honest, this one started great too, but it kept getting worse. and worse. and worse. until i was left disappointed and angry.

the plot was streched for two long, the ending felt rushed and off, and the main character was a pain in the ass. you can read my full (very explicit) thoughts about it in my goodreads review.

the saddest thing about this post is that most of these books are 2020 reads. why is this year doing me so dirty. i want to scream into the void.


what is a popular book that you dislike and why?



9 Replies to “i talk about popular books i do not like (the one where i’m very bitter)”

  1. I’m sorry to see you weren’t a fan of a river of royal blood. I still need to give that one a try.

    One popular book that I really didn’t like was actually cruel prince, which I was super sad about because I’ve loved holly blacks books for a long time, especially her fae stories.

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  2. I genuinely loved The Kiss Quotient, haha, but I agree with two of the ones you dislike, and haven’t read the other two. I used to *love* Cassandra Clare’s books, and even though after being disappointed in some of them I promised myself I wouldn’t read any more by her, I got so excited seeing all the hype for Lady Midnight and picked it up shortly after it was published. Man, I hated that book. I feel like CC writes very drama-filled stories to the point where the relationship drama is somehow more significant than the plot, and that just wasn’t something I enjoyed (anymore.) And the plot felt so mediocre, plus, like you said, the book is waaay too long, especially for the amount of story, character development etc. it offers.

    Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating was bloody awful too, haha. I don’t know, I really tried my best to love Christina Lauren’s books, but it’s just not working. There are always things in them that make me unhappy, annoyed, or uncomfortable. This is my least favorite by them, but I had similar issues with Autoboyography and The Unhoneymooners. I love romance novels, and I start shipping characters super-easily, so the fact that none of these made me root for the couples tells you how much I disliked them. (Even so, I’m glad Unhoneymooners worked for you!)

    Wonderful post!

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    1. i love cc’s books too, i just don’t know what made me not like this one…
      and personally i did love THE UNHONEYMOONERS, i just had too many problems with josh and hazel as characters in JOSH AND HAZEL’S GUIDE TO NOT DATING (and also the plot) that i couldn’t like it.
      thank you! ❤

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  3. “the thing i regret the most about this book is that i have not read it sooner, because i would have enjoyed it more. ”

    That’s exactly how I felt about Gideon the Ninth last year. A few years back I would have loved that edgy snark, but I read a lot of books like that way back when, and now I’m just so done with it

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