january 2020 wrap up! (and a comeback)

hello there, lovely people.

i am very much aware of my absence in the last month. however, due to finals, holidays, traveling and many other unexpectable events that made my usually boring life a little chaotic, i have negleted this personal space of mine.

but fear, you shall not! i am back and ready to rock this blog thing! and to start…a monthly wrap up!

(i haven’t done one of these in months. i truly missed it.)

i know you’re probably wondering: what has she done this month? has she read any great books? did she keep her resolutions?

well, stay tuned to find out.

(spoiler alert: the answer to the last two questions is…no)

i had my finals!

and yes, it was torture. i had to hibernate in my room during the holidays instead of celebrating the new year like other human beings. i’m honestly glad it’s over, although i fear this semester is harder.

*internal scream*

i traveled!

i had a week off after my finals, and since my friend visited me, we decided to take a look at some cities in france! and i even spent a weekend in italy with my sister (which wasn’t the most fun, let’s keep it at that). i had a great time  (also spent a lot of money *broke noises*) and made valuable memories, so i am glad!

books i read

unfortunately, january wasn’t my best month reading-wise. i’m already behind (but slowly catching up) on my goodreads challenge, and the books i read this month weren’t the best, to say the least. i was extremely disappointed because i expected more. oh well…

ROMANCING THE DUKE (Castles Ever After #1), by tessa dare: (★★★☆☆) this was one of the most ridiculous yet addicting books i have ever come accross. it was not what i expected at all, and even though i am a little disappointed in it, it was kind of fun and had enjoyable moments.

JOSH AND HAZEL’s GUIDE TO NOT DATING, by christina lauren: (★★☆☆☆) oh god…where do i start. i had decided to pick out this book because 1) it was saved in my audiobook collection, and 2) i read and loved THE UNHONEYMOONERS by the same authors. and i was very much disappointed. this started great but slowly turned into a mess. the first half of the book was fun; not what i expected but better. and then i don’t know how or when but it started being too stretched out and i felt like the ending was just skimmed through. for ¾ of the book, i felt like about 5 things happen, but in the last part 10 things do? like?? not only that, but the incoherent and excessive use of the word “crazy” bugged me. and let’s not talk about one of the sexual scenes where there was no use of protection and was only talked about AFTER the actual intercourse. truly awesome.

so yeah, i am so not satisfied with my reading this month. i do hope to read more quality books in february though.

(spoiler alert: i already read one book, and it’s one of my new faves, so yay!)

on the blog:

i have only posted once here, due to the circumstances mentioned above, BUT i am very satisfied with it, and i believe that’s the most important thing. i still hope to post more during february (hints for next posts: valentine’s day. romance. love).

goals for february 2020:

  • read books out of my comfort zone.
  • post more frequently on this blog.
  • reduce my daily phone use.

how was your first month of 2020? have you read any good books? new experiences? (link me to your wrap-up if you have one and i’ll check it out!)

10 Replies to “january 2020 wrap up! (and a comeback)”

  1. woohoo for your finals being over! Being able to go to France and Italy and it not be this huge trip is just wild to me (As an Aussie) and so so so cool! Heaps jealous.

    Sorry about your first reading month but hopefully that just means you’re getting all the meh stuff out of the way for the year so you can go on to read all the good stuff 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah yes i get you! but since i live in France and Italy is so close to where i live, it’s a little easier.
      and wow! i haven’t thought about it that way! thank you! i really hope february has a lot of new faves to surprise me with.


    1. thank you! i had a break but it’s over now (too soon *cries*). thankfully i did have time to relax so i am glad that even though the new semester started, i get some time off here and there!


  2. I’m glad you got to travel, but pity your weekend in Italy didn’t go well. 😦 Haha, I really enjoyed Romancing the Duke, but it IS a very ridiculous book. The other books I read by Dare were far less ridiculous, but they do have a lot of comedic/entertaining parts. I really-really tried to enjoy Christina Lauren’s novels, but after three of them, including Josh and Hazel, I’ll just have to give them a pass, I think. Even the ones I fairly enjoyed, like The Unhoneymooners, had aspects that made me angry or uncomfortable. Josh and Hazel was terrible, though! You’re right about the pacing, and yes, it was like… slow, slow, slow, and then suddenly they added tons of things at the end? Eh.

    Number wise, I did well in January, because I read 15 books, but the quality of them… meh. I only had three five star reads, two of which were rereads. 😦 So I’m doing really well this month, though! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful February!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! it’s okay, i got some new experiences and i learned!
      yes! thank you, i’m not the only one to think so. i loved the unhoneymooners, but did not click with josh and hazel at all.
      i’m glad you’re doing well with your month!
      thank you! hope you have a good month too :))

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  3. I always come across Tessa Dare everywhere… as someone who doesn’t like romance novels, a few months ago I tried different contemporary romance books and ended up flying through them. Maybe it’s time to read more types of romance books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aaahh i love tessa dare’s works!! they’re easy to get into and it’s how i started historical romance! i started with The Duchess Deal and i enjoyed it a lot!! hope you enjoy more romance in the future! 💕

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