a reflexion on the goodreads reading challenge (how far can it go?)

it’s that time of the year where most readers set a reading goal for the following twelve months. some want to read one book, others want to read 300. either way, the goodreads reading goal pushes you to read more…

or at least that’s its initial purpose. because while it does push you to read more by setting a goal and being motivated to accomplish it, it can have the opposite effect. some readers find themselves actually being pushed to read by an unknown force that they applied on themselves.

so…is the yearly goodreads challenge worth it? does it actually help you read more?

i’d like to think that to some extent, it actually does. you can see many readers proudly achieving and even surpassing their challenges. maybe it is the fact that, by putting a goal, they were commited to it, and wanted to prove to themselves more than anybody that they can do it. in a way, we are celebrating reading and books.

on the other hand, a lot of people stopped doing the challenge because of how pressuring it is. it becomes frustrating when you’re several books behind schedule, and at one point you just…stop. and end up not reading as you thought you would. especially if you see other people achieving their challenges while you can’t seem to do the same.

that’s why i believe the goodreads challenge is a subjective subject. it’s literally your choice. you aren’t less of a reader if you have no goal, or don’t achieve yours. whether you decide to read one or a thousand books a year, that’s your take. maybe goodreads challenges are made for you, and maybe not. and that’s okay! enjoying what you read is the most important thing of all.

what’s your opinion on the goodreads reading challenge?

9 Replies to “a reflexion on the goodreads reading challenge (how far can it go?)”

  1. Great post, Maha! I always do the reading challenge because I just love the feeling of surpassing my goals haha 😀 But yeah I do understand the pressure; when I first started, I got a really high number so for the next two years I aimed really high… and it didn’t really end well. I did learned the lessons though and since then, I always set my goal to a number I know I can achieve 🙂

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  2. This is such a great post, and is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Personally, I find the challenge puts more pressure on me than I really want, but I also like having the stats at the end of the year. I decided to set a super low goal for myself this year in the hopes I’d feel less pressure.

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