the most exciting (and last) post of the year! (the one with a long title and favorite books)

it is that time of the year, where we get to take a look back at every book we read this year, and choose our favorites (which is hard). in other words, IT’S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR.

even though i haven’t read as much as i wanted this year (because i didn’t read anything for six months and only got back into reading in june), i’m glad i managed to read 29 books in six months. it wasn’t my best reading year, but i’m looking forward to 2020 so i can start fresh!

but first, let’s look back at my favorite reads of 2019:

THE DUCHESS DEAL, by tessa dare ♡

33296129._sy475_i had to mention this one because it was my first read of the year and just…amazing. pure art. i loved the book to pieces. i also read the second book in the series, THE GOVERNESS GAME, and loved it just as much. but i still have to read the final book, THE WALLFLOWER WAGER. i don’t know why i keep putting it off, i literally have no reason. oh well…

oh and this is also the book that got me into historical romance, it is THAT good!

TRIGGER WARNING: explicit sex scenes.

RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, by casey mcquiston ♡

41150487i know i sound like 90% of the book community right now, and i’m not even ashamed of it. this is the most adorable romance i have read this year, and i’m glad i did. it got me out of my two-years-long reading slump i LOVE THIS BOOK TO DEATH.

the characters felt so real, the writing is so fluid you can easily get into it, and just spend the whole time rooting for the characters. this is JUST what you need for a long sunday at home.

TRIGGER WARNING: explicit sex scenes.

A GENTLEMAN IN THE STREET, by alisha rai ♡

23618508will i ever write a post without mentioning alisha rai? probably not.

but this book guys, THIS BOOK. it had EVERYTHING: it was beautiful, empowering, sex-positive, inspiring. it’s definitely one of my favorite books ever. and the main character? i aspire to be her. she’s so inspiring, so powerful. *sigh*

just talking about it makes me want to reread it.

TRIGGER WARNING: explicit sex scenes, parental abuse.

ALL AMERICAN-MUSLIM GIRL, by nadine jolie courtney ♡

35277317._sy475_this one holds a very special place in my heart because of all the feels it gave me. i honestly wish this book was here when i was sixteen, it would have helped me so much. i believe all muslim teenagers will be inspired by this book and i’m glad it’s out in the world, and hope more of these will be published soon.

that’s why i support this author 100% if she has other books to be published. i am SO here for that.

anyway, please pick up ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL, i promise it’s worth it.

TRIGGER WARNING: islamophobia, death of loved ones.

FORBIDDEN, by beverly jenkins ♡

25760151this book is. SO. good. i can’t even describe how much i loved it. i usually think a lot before giving a book five stars, but i decided to give it to this book as soon as i finished it. not only was it so wholseome, it discussed important issues like racism in the most amazing way possible, AND it’s a guilty pleasure read because the romance is so so great! PLEASE PICK IT UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

(also, look at the cover! i am honesly so in love with it i had to stare at it for 15 minutes when i first got the book. isn’t it beautiful?)

TRIGGER WARNING: racism, mentions of the n-word.

THE UNHONEYMOONERS, by christina lauren ♡

42201431honestly this is my first christina lauren book and it’s so good? i was reluctant to start a book of theirs because i was worried i wouldn’t like it like everybody but i kind of absolutely adored this one? i read the book in one sitting? i rarely do that?

THE UNHONEYMOONERS is such an adorable story. i loved seeing the characters turn from sworn ennemies to lovers. i only loved the hate-to-love trope even more after finishing it. the writing was simple and easy to follow and the book is one you should definitely pick up if you’re in a reading slump or have a free day.

i also highly recommend it you like adult romance but aren’t comfortable with explicit sex scenes, since all the ones from this book are fade-to-black.

THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, by taylor jenkins reid ♡

32620332._sy475_i just…yes.

this book.

except for the writing that felt a little flat to me, this book is one i will remember for a long time. i was just so invested the whole time i just couldn’t stop reading it. it lived up to -almost- every expectation i had and i was honestly heart-broken at the end, mainly because i wanted more of the story.

a thousand people already told you this, but please pick up THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, it is just so so good.

LOVE FROM A TO Z, by s.k. ali ♡

71tksbxsxnlthis book, just like ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL, holds a special place in my heart because of the subjects it handles and the way it is handled. it was also such a cute romance i had to stop myself from squealing the whole time. and even though it took me a lot of time to finish, i’m glad i took my time to taste every aspect of this story, because it holds clear messages and hidden ones.

i highly recommend picking it up if you can! hopefully you will like it hehe.

TRIGGER WARNING: islamophobia, death of loved ones.


THE RIGHT SWIPE, by alisha rai ♡

39863092._sy475_i JUST finished this one and the only thing i regret is not picking it up sooner. this was everything i needed and more! it was fun to read, tackled important issues (those parts did hurt though), and i couldn’t stop reading it!! please pick it up asap, i promise it’s worth it (although i am biased because it’s alisha rai, one of my favorite authors).

now all i can do is wait (impatiently) for the other books in the series. (GIRL GONE VIRAL, the second book in this series, comes out april 21st, 2020!)

TRIGGER WARNING: mentions and discussions of toxic relationships, on-page sex.

and these were my favorite books of 2019! overall, i’m pretty satisfied with my year. here’s to a 2020 full of new faves!

what were your favorite books of 2019? have you read any of the books mentioned above? what were your thoughts?

11 Replies to “the most exciting (and last) post of the year! (the one with a long title and favorite books)”

  1. The Duchess Deal is THE BEST, omg. I love the whole series – the third book included, so I do hope you’ll enjoy that one as well. 🙂 They are light and funny, but also emotional!? The perfect romances, istg. Love From A to Z is freaking incredible, and so is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – they feel so special and complex to me. I need to read All American Muslim Girl and The Unhoneymooners!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i reaaaaally need to read THE WALLFLOWER WEAGER! i don’t know why i’ve been putting it off, i may be a tiny little bit worried that i won’t enjoy it as much as the other books in the series. but seeing people like it encourages me to read it asap!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY, I’m so happy you got out of your reading slump this year and discovered so many amazing books!!💗That’s awesome. Aghh, I loved RW&RB and Evelyn Hugo too. I’ve been really wanting to read All American Muslim Girl and Love From A to Z so I was excited to see that you’ve enjoyed them. Happy reading in the new year, Maha!

    Liked by 1 person

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