ten of my most anticipated reads of 2020! (and wishing it can get here faster)

as you may or may have not noticed, it’s december, which means it’s time for the end of the year posts! i always get so excited making these because i just HAVE TO SHARE what i read this last year, my resolutions (even though i do not respect them), and my most anticipated releases! which is exactly what i’m doing today!

i spent an hour on goodreads before writing this post, and boi, there are so many releases in 2020, and they all look so so good! i really don’t know how i’m gonna go through all of the ones i want to read.

(let’s not forget about blacklist books too. that list is getting longer each year. *sigh*.)

without further ado, here are TEN OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED READS OF THE NEXT YEAR!

LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI, by abigail hing wen ♡

45730524Ever Wong is sent to taiwan to study mandarin for the summer, but the program turns out to be more of a teen meet-market, and ever finds herself free of her strict parents’ rules.

this book seems like such a feel-good one, about teens growing up and discovering themselves in other countries, which is basically my thing.

side not: i’m not gonna lie and say the cover doesn’t play a big role in my excitement over the book. i mean just look at it! it’s so so beautiful.

RELEASE DATE: january 7th.

EVERY OTHER WEEKEND, by abigail johnson ♡

36547225._sy475_this is a YA novel about two people who meet in the hardest times of their lives, form a friendship and develop feelings. and if this isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world, i don’t know what is.

the first thing that caught my attention in this book is the sentence “what if your safe place…is a person?” (i don’t know if you can see it, but it’s at the bottom of the cover), and i just…yes. go on, i am listening.

this looks like the book you’ll read and cry, because of how beautiful it is. let’s hope it’s as great as it sounds because the story has so much potential!

RELEASE DATE: january 7th.

YES NO MAYBE SO, by becky albertalli and aisha saeed ♡

43615530two authors who wrote two of my favorite books ever write a book that looks like it’s going to be one of my favorite books ever, aka a YA interracial romance with a muslim main character!

this has every (and i mean EVERY) potential to be my favorite book of the year. albertalli and saeed are both authors i deeply respect and admire, and i seriously can’t wait to see what they could create together (something incredible, i hope).

RELEASE DATE: february 4th.

♡  THE RAVEN AND THE DOVE, by kaitlyn davis ♡

36505323._sy475_this is a fantasy retelling of tristan and isolde, let that sink in. a prince and a princess meet, fate brings them together but destiny will tear them apart.

that’s pretty much the only thing we know from the synopsis. and yet, i am so excited to jump into it (because yes, i already own it as an ARC *jumps in excitement*). the book just look so full of mysteries, apart from the fact that tristan and isolde is one of my fave stories ever.

i think it’s safe to say that i’m already sold.

RELEASE DATE: march 9th.

GIRL GONE VIRAL (Modern Love #2), by alisha rai ♡

44148565this is an adult romance novel, and it’s the story between an ex-model who goes viral and a bodyguard, and to be quite honest, i am HERE for it (even though i still have to read the first book in the series, THE RIGHT SWIPE, which i will get into, hopefully soon.)

as i said before, and will keep saying until the end of time, i will read anything this woman writes. she is honestly 100% talent, and i’m not complaining. she is my favorite romance author of all-time.

RELEASE DATE: april 21st.

BY THE BOOK: A NOVEL OF PROSE AND CONS, by amanda sellet ♡

45861077lover of classic novels mary starts making a rundown of all types of guys who must be avoided. on top of them: the number one bad boy. turns out she doesn’t quite know how to follow her own advice.

okay, i am a sucker for clichés. seriously, give me all of them. i will read them again and again. please.

this book looks like one of those typical ones, and i am here for it. watch me devour it.

RELEASE DATE: may 12th.


46850781liya is furious when she discovers that her parents are trying to set her up with a man, but surprised when she finds out he’s the lawyer she hired to save her struggling company.

let’s sum up real quick: 1/ this is an adult office romance and 2/ it has the hate-to-love trope, aka my favorite trope.

guys, i have never added a book to my TBR this fast.

did i say it’s the hate-to-love trope? or as i like to call it: the reason i live in this cruel world?

RELEASE DATE: may 12th.

THE HENNA WARS, by adiba jaigirdar ♡

47590341a YA sapphic romance with a muslim main character, and that tackles important issues? can i get a YES?

THE HENNA WARS is also one of the books that will probably make me tear up (just like all the other books with muslim characters by muslim author that i have read and will read in the future), and i couldn’t ask for more.

the world needs more of these stories, and i can’t wait to read and promote it.

RELEASE DATE: may 12th.

KISSING LESSONS, by sophie jordan ♡

46283331this is labelled as a steamy YA romance about a girl giving kissing lessons to a boy and you expect me not to immediatly add this book to my TBR? i am sold, literally. i can give anything to have this book.

you can’t even imagine how excited i am to get my hands on this book, i am literally dying for it. i can’t believe i still have to wait six months to finally be able to read it; i mean this is just discrimination.

anyway, i look forward to this one (as you can see).

RELEASE DATE: june 2nd.

A SWEET MESS, by jayci lee ♡

47590184what more can i say except the fact that this is an adult romance between the owner of a bakery and a food critic, and there’s baking? i think that’s all you need to hear to add this to your TBR (at least that’s all i needed).

this book not only looks delightful and sweet (pun intended), but it also seems like the perfect read for the summer (which i am waiting for already). i just…give me this book already, please.

(i would do anything.)

RELEASE DATE: july 14th.

i am even more excited to read all of these books now that i talked to you about each one of them! can 2020 come here faster so i can read all of these books, please?

what are some of your most anticipated releases of 2020? tell me so i can add more books to my TBR! also, are you excited for the new year/decade?

12 Replies to “ten of my most anticipated reads of 2020! (and wishing it can get here faster)”

  1. I’m highly anticipating Loveboat, Taipei as well! actually, I’m currently reading an e-arc, and so far I’m enjoying it. I’m also so excited to read The Henna Wars! The concept of two girls running rival henna businesses falling in love sounds amazing, but I feel like the author will also tackle a lot of important issues with their work. Also, the cover for The Raven and the Dove looks like Acotar fanart for me and I don’t know why!
    I hope you get to read and enjoy all of these!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i am SO excited for loveboat, taipei and the henna wars as well!! (i’m gonna be very honest, i don’t really know what loveboat, taipei is about except that it’s about an asian dancer, but that cover is enough to make me HYPED). i’m also so excited about yes no maybe so! the cover is super cute for that one too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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