a detailed guide to my goodreads rating system! (no, i have not disappeared.)

well, hi. i am alive, yes.

i know i’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now but! i’m trying to find a schedule where i can slip in some time for blogging, and look! it’s working.

(at least for now. what about later, you may ask? well, i don’t know either, i guess we’ll see.)

BUT ANYWAY. i’ve just been so busy with college and procrastination, and have done some reading. so that’s good too, isn’t it?

of course, i have to rate each book i read with the star rating on goodreads, and that’s why i’m here today. i decided to talk about how i rate my books, what makes me give four stars instead of five, etc. i know my rating system changes a lot, but at least, that’s how i do it for now. if there are some big changes, i’ll just make an update!

if you’re too lazy to read this whole post but really want to know how i rate my books, i have a small paragraph about it on my goodreads description! you can now leave if you want, have a great day.

if you’re still here, first of all…HI. THANK YOU. second, let’s just stop rambling and get on with my star-rating system!

♡ five stars ♡

now this is a pretty obvious one, if i do rate a book five stars, it means that i absolutely adored every single moment spent reading the book. i know that every story has flaws, but at that moment, i couldn’t care less. i rate books based on my experience with them, and a pretty amazing one would definitely make me give the perfect rating. it just means that to me, it is perfect.

i also tend to be biased if a book handles social issues, which means i rate them higher if they do (if it is handled well, of course), especially if it’s about problems i have experienced before.

and finally, if i rate a book five stars, it is definitely a new favorite. i’m not even sorry when i say that i will be screaming about it for god knows how long.

♡ four stars ♡

when i rate four stars, it usually means that i loved the book, except for one or two tiny things that bothered me, but that overall didn’t really affect my experience reading it. for example, if i absolutely loved the book but had issues with the writing, i will give it four stars.

but the thing is that sometimes, i can’t even put my finger on what’s bothering me, and that’s annoying because i really want to give the book five stars, but somehow can’t bring myself to do it?

but yeah. i think most of the books i read are four stars.

♡ three stars ♡

well, this is complicated.

three stars is usually the gray area, if you know what i mean. if i give a book three stars, it can mean two things:

  • either that i found the book to be a fun one, but not something that resonated with me or anything, something that i would probably forget in two days. which means i did like it, but not that much.
  • OR that i had a lot of issues with it, but not so much that i would give it two stars, because there are still parts that made me overall enjoy the book.

it’s a difficult thing to explain, i know, but i hope you get the point. i’m aware that each reader has a different view on the three-star rating, and i’ve even read articles about it. but i found those two points a pretty good sum up of my personal interpretation of it. (who knows, i might write a post about it.)

♡ two stars ♡

two stars usually means: “i have no idea how i managed to even finish this book.” my two-star-rated books are just the ones that i did not have pleasure reading at all. i probably had so many issues that it tainted my whole experience with the book. i couldn’t care less about the plot (if there is any), or the characters, or everything whatsoever. i just want that book as far away from me as possible.

♡ one star ♡

let me tell you a secret: when i rate a book one star, 80% of the time…i didn’t even finish it. i just decided that enough was enough, and i refuse to torture myself, because i should probably be looking for my next enjoyable read instead of wasting my time with that book. i know it’s mean, but that’s just how i feel about it.


so yeah! that’s how i rate my books. as i said before, this is probably subject to change with time, so there are chances there will be an updated post.

how do you rate your books? in what cases do you give a book three stars?

2 Replies to “a detailed guide to my goodreads rating system! (no, i have not disappeared.)”

  1. We definitely have such a similar rating system! I’m pretty much the same with you on fives and fours, and then for three I usually go with your first definition of it 😉 For me, a three is a good book, but one that I know I’m going to forget about and probably never spend much time thinking about again, and I won’t be rereading it.

    This was a lovely post! I hope school is going well💗

    Liked by 1 person

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