september 2019 wrap up!

(this post has been sitting in my drafts for a week…sigh.)

thankfully, september has been GREAT. mentally, physically, and even reading-wise. i’m still struggling with the fact that i moved to another country and that i now live alone and have to deal with everything, but honestly? i’ve been handling it pretty good so far. i made friends and bought books, and bought books with friends. so yeah, life’s good.

i started college!

well, i wouldn’t call it “started” but rather “got smacked in the face by the fact that OH MY GOD THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE HIGH SCHOOL”. because it’s definitely not like high school. it’s bigger, and i have more responsibility. but yeah, i’m dealing with it, slowly. i’ll be okay.

i started living alone!

which has many advantages, such as you can do whatever the hell you want in your home. the no-cohabitation lifestyle is a dream. but i do miss my family, my friends and my BED back in morocco. and there’s rent, taxes, chores, cooking, and every other thing i need to do alone now. AGAIN, i’ll be okay. i’ll handle it.

(i think this is me trying to convince myself that i’ll be fine.)

books i read:

  • SINGLE MALT, by layla reyne: (★★★★☆) a m/m romance with an immigrant main character and various afro-latinx supporting characters? and that i didn’t know about? i can’t believe i have been sleeping on this book since the day it came out.
  • FORBIDDEN, by beverly jenkins: (★★★★★) A NEW FAVE. i had such high expectations for this book and it met every single one of them. i adored the book to pieces. the chemistery between the characters, the story, the issues it tackles, everything was just SO GOOD.
  • TEMPTED AT MIDNIGHT, by cheris hodges: (★★☆☆☆) this book was just…a mess? like it kept getting sillier the more i read it. the beginning was okay, but a hundred pages later i was just so impatient to finish the book. it’s sad because the book had so much potential.
  • THE UNHONEYMOONERS, by christina lauren: (★★★★★) this book was recommended to me so many times and i now get why. reading THE UNHONEYMOONERS was a DELIGHT. it was so so so good and i couldn’t get enough of it. (i read the book in 24 hours if that can show you how much i enjoyed it.)

on the blog:

yeah…i have been pretty bad at blogging on september…i hope to get back on track this month though!

how was your september? and how’s your october going so far? have you read any new fave(s)?

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