the pancake book tag! (in which i get hungry)

i already know what you’re thinking. i’m doing two posts in a week? who am i? what is this sorcery?

i’m still trying to find a balance between everything i do in life and i found a pretty good time to write a bunch of posts so here i am!


i know me doing a book tag is kind of a surprise (i haven’t done one in like…YEARS), but i’ve seen THE PANCAKE BOOK TAG around for a while in the community and it really sounded like the perfect, fun thing to do! (+ i’ve already answered the questions in my head while i was reading May’s post (@ Forever and Everly).

i don’t think i’ve been tagged to do this though… i actually can’t remember. oh well, who cares. let’s do this!

♡ rules ♡

  • Link back to the original creator in your post
  • Feel free to use any of my pancake graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

♡ pancakes & a sprinkle of sugar ♡

a book that has a dusting of beautiful prose/descriptions

18798983i didn’t even hesitate on this one. definitely renée ahdieh. her stories are outstanding and her writing is so soothing and beautiful. that woman is really made for writing. she has a way to make you get deep into her stories without you even feeling it. i just…wow. we truly don’t deserve that beautiful writing. i am absolutely in love with it.

i honestly only read THE WRATH & THE DAWN and FLAME IN THE MIST, but every time i was in awe of the author’s capabilities. (@ renée ahdieh please keep writing beautiful books.)

♡ pancakes & lemon drizzle ♡

a sharp character in wit or temperament

41150487i understand may’s choice completely. definitely all the characters from RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE. please, each one of them was just so sarcastic and witty all the time and everything they said was absolutely funny. i wish i had them as friends in real life. those people sound like so much fun!

(also, each one of them is adorkable. really. please read the book and come scream with me about how amazing it is.)


♡ pancakes & chocolate nutella drizzle ♡

a comforting you could devour again and again

28187again, i’d go with the same choice as may, which is PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS. i didn’t read it until i was in high school, unlike everyone i know, but i love that series to death. everything about it is perfect for me. it also brings so many great memories with it, from the time when i was reading it. i remember devouring the whole series in about a week. and i will gladly do it again and again.

so if you haven’t read the series yet, go for it! there isn’t a wrong time to do so! PERCY JACKSON IS AMAZING!

♡ pancakes & golden syrup ♡

a book that gave you a seriously bad book hangover

23618508for this one, i’d go with A GENTLEMAN IN THE STREET by alisha rai. this book guys…damn. it really had everything i could ask for in a romance, and left me feeling all the feels. it quickly rose to become one of my favorite books of the year, if not ever.

i know i have recommended the book a thousand times, but let me do it one more time: PLEASE READ A GENTLEMAN IN THE STREET IF YOU’RE INTO ADULT ROMANCE.


♡ pancakes, strawberries & cream ♡

a book that gave you all the indulgent feels!

35277317._sy475_ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL, by nadine jolie courtney made me feel all types of feels: anger, happiness, sadness, hope and many more. because it delivers a strong message about islam, islamophobia, love and many other things in such a beautiful and simple way. i actually found myself relating to the main character in many way, and feeling the same as her.

just talking about it makes me feel everything again. *sigh*


♡ pancakes & bluberries ♡

a character that seems sharp at first, but actually has hidden depths

36111620this can be applied to many love interests in romance novels, but i pick chase from THE GOVERNESS GAME, by tessa dare (which is one of my favorite adult historical romance books please pick it up thank you). he seems so grumpy and rude but is actually a softie inside, who just needs to be loved and taken care of.

i take this opportunity to tell you to please read the GIRL MEETS DUKE series because it’s so so good! the third and last book in the series just got out last month so you can now binge read the whole trilogy! yay!


♡ pancakes & banana toffee ♡

a book with a slippery plot that kept you guessing!

33296928._sy475_i just recently finished SINGLE MALT by layla reyne and oh my god?? why is nobody talking about that. it has a suspensful mystery that kept me on the edge of my toes the whole time, AND A ROMANCE.

if you’ve never heard about this book, SINGLE MALT is a m/m romance with an immigrant main character and afro-latinx supporting characters, and it’s the story of aidan who returns to work with the FBI after eight month of absence, due to an accident that took his partner and his husband, two people that he deeply loved. he’s now assigned to jamie walker, the famous basketball player that quit fo unknown reasons and joigned the FBI. they team up to solve mysteries and they slowly develop feelings.

and it’s so good! please read it!!

♡ pancakes & crispy bacon ♡

a romantic pairing you weren’t sure you’d like at first, but ended up being the perfect match!

15749186okay okay i admit it: i wasn’t very fond of peter k from TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE at the begining. and to be honest, i don’t have anything to defend my cause. i just didn’t particularly like him. but as i read the books, i grew deeply in love with that boy. and now, i love him so much!

i really can’t wait for the second and third movie, by the way. the first one was amazing!



♡ pancakes & peanut butter ♡

a character that makes you recoil

41118351._sy475_all the characters from ORPHEUS GIRL, by brynne rebel-henry, except for the two main ones. god, most of them were just horrible. i just hated them. and wanted to just slap each one of them.

the most terrifying thing about them is that, those kind of people exist in real life. and i don’t know what to do with that information except curl up in a ball and hope none of them touch me or anyone i love.


♡ pancakes with a bit of everything! ♡

a book with wonderfully diverse characters!

26626118._sy475_while most of the books i picked for the previous categories have diverse elements and characters, i decided to go with HOW TO MAKE A WISH, by ashley herring blake for this one. it’s a beautiful f/f romance with beautiful writing and even prettier message. i’ve read it so long ago but i still remember how comforted i felt after finishing it.

i probably should reread this one.


if you’re asking whether this book tag made me hungry…it did. i’m really hungry right now. BUT it was super fun to do! that’s why i’m tagging other people to join me in the fun!

have you read any of the books mentioned above? what were your thoughts? also, do you like pancakes?

8 Replies to “the pancake book tag! (in which i get hungry)”

  1. aaaah i cant wait to read american muslim! however i’m kinda scared it might make me cry like a big baby, because ive never experience islamophobia but i’m scared of experiencing it one day. i heard a lot of good things abt it tho so im excited to buy it when it comes out!

    i completely agree with you about rwrb!! also about to all the boys… i was sold on peter and lara jean as soon as i finished the first book. i love peter k SO MUCH!

    this is such a fun tag 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😍😍youre so right, the wrath and the dawn has the most beautiful writing and character arcs. i love that book so much. i can’t wait to read all-american muslim girl, especially after all the high praise youre giving it, i hope i enjoy it as much as you did. great post!!


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