five tips on how to read even when you’re in hell (aka when you’re busy)

we’re already halfway through september and we all know what that means.




and less time for reading. which is honestly the saddest thing ever. i personally already miss those days where you didn’t have to do anything and you just sat there reading and watching shows, which, in retrospection, is the best feeling in the world.


but when all those responsabilities come back, it’s usually hard to find time to read, especially if work/studying is so tiring that all you can think about is when you’ll be able to have a nap. i get it. it’s hell.


i have come to show you my personal tips on how to manage your time and get some reading done, even when you’re a busy bee.

these are, of course, personal things, which means i have tried them, and they worked! and i honestly hope they’ll work on whoever is reading this.

♡ one: always have your book with you ♡

because you never know when you’ll be bored. probably while waiting for your bus. or when there’s a huge line and you have to wait three hours. what are you gonna during those three hours? socialize? no!

in case a similar scenario happens, you’ll have your book with you. not only will you get some reading done, but the waiting won’t be as boring.

♡ two: don’t see reading as a chore, but as a pleasure ♡

don’t classify reading in the list of the things you HAVE to do, but rather as something you’d probably do to breathe, and flee away from all the responsabilities, even just for a little while. see, when you force yourself to read, it isn’t as fun. and reading is supposed to be fun! so you read less. and then just stop reading. and then feel bad because you haven’t been reading. so why be so hard on yourself?

you also don’t have to read every single day. some days are busier than others, everyone experiences that.

♡ three: set a certain time during the day/week to read ♡

after you figure out your somehow-stable schedule of the week, find a time to read between your duties. it can be a half hour, or even fifteen minutes. even if it’s little, just find time to breathe, sit down and read. it will not only be good for your reading but also for your work, since taking time off it is actually beneficial for you.

for example, i spend approximatively an hour every day on the bus. so i try to get most my reading done there (which i have failed miserably in doing during this week, but shhh). i also spend a good time during the weekend reading, if i don’t have a lot to do.

♡ four: your book choice depends on how busy you are ♡

i don’t know if this sounds logical but when you’re super busy, i don’t think that picking up that seven-hundred-pages long novel that requires extreme concentration and deep knowledge of vocabulary is the right choice. at least not for me. when you’re busy, try starting with lighter and shorter books. those don’t need much concentration and they’re easy to read, so you’ll easily find yourself into the book, even if you’re tired.

♡ five: if you’re straight up not having a good time, drop the book ♡

i know some people hate to DNF books, but if you’re not enjoying it, why keep reading? you’ll only grow lazy and eventually stop reading. so if you’re not liking a book, move on to another one that you’ll probably enjoy more.

and that’s it! i hope these tips will help you (because they did help me, a lot). also! don’t be so hard on yourself if you fall into a slump or don’t read during certain days, you’re not the only one. and don’t worry, you’ll go back to reading when the time is right.

how do you manage to read even when you’re in busy times?

7 Replies to “five tips on how to read even when you’re in hell (aka when you’re busy)”

  1. I find audiobooks really help when I’m super busy. That way I can listen when I’m driving to school or when I’m doing my chores. And yes, totally agree to DNF a book when you’re not into it! Whenever I try to force my way through a book, I end up reading it super slowly and it makes me not want to read at all. Great post!

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  2. This is such a great post! I think this is all phenomenal advice.💖I definitely have been very, very busy lately and have not been reading as much, but I make an effort to always read for about twenty minutes in bed before I go to sleep, and like you said in the post, I’ve been going with lighter books! For me, that means rereads, because I can enjoy what I’m reading and not concentrate really hard on it. So, I’m currently rereading the Percy Jackson series slowly but surely.

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  3. I struggle making time to read because of all the other things I want to get done. Including binging tv shows lol. I don’t know what it is but reading is both at the top and bottom of my I WANT TO DO THIS list.

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