august 2019 wrap up!

saying august was a rollercoaster of events is an understatement. 

i know i say this every month, but august was a busy month. like really busy busy. some pretty life changing things happened and i had so much to do that it went flying by and it felt like we just jumped from july to september. and i’m honestly not ready.

(because september means uni. and i’m not ready for uni. please i want summer forever.)

but on the other side, i did read some amazing books, and even came across new favorites!

♡ i got my driver’s licence! ♡

after two months of training, i finally got my driver’s licence! i don’t even know how i got it though; i’m honestly a terrible driver. and let’s just not talk about the fact that i haven’t driven since the day of the exam.


♡ i moved! ♡

yes, that’s right! i moved to france! for college! and it’s exciting and scary at the same time because new experiences and life but also all other things i’m afraid of. i just got here last week, so i’m still not 100% settled. i also just started uni and am i ready? not really. not at all.


this is why i haven’t been blogging much in the last ten days or so. i haven’t disappeared, i promise!

books i read:

  • ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM GIRL, by nadine jolie courtney: (★★★★★) this book you guys, was just mind-blowing in every way possible. i went in with very high expectations and was rewarded with even more that what i imagined. please just, pick up this book when it comes out. you won’t regret it. (november 12th, 2019)
  • STRIPPED, by zoey castile: (★★★☆☆) i really enjoyed reading this romance. it was sweet, light, and just what i needed at that time. however, i did have some issues with some of the characters and the plot.
  • TAKE IT OFF THE MENU, by christina hovland: (★★☆☆☆) well, reading this book felt more like a chore for the most part because it was pretty much just a mess.
  • THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, by renée ahdieh: (★★★★★) oh my god. this book. blew. me. away. the only thing i regret after reading this book is that i haven’t picked it out sooner. the plot, the romance (especially the romance), the characters, it was all just so beautiful and amazing and just wow.

on the blog:

i haven’t been really blogging (for reasons stated above), so yeah. *cries*

how was your august? did you read any new favorite(s)? how is september so far?

6 Replies to “august 2019 wrap up!”

  1. ahhh moving is so terrifying but also so exciting!! i hope youre settling in well and enjoying the new experiences!!
    the wrath and the dawn 😭😭 it deserves all the stars in the sky. the romance was so beautiful and im so in love with the story i will fight anyone who says anything bad about that series

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