six romance novels by women of color! (aka what you should pick up asap!)

(don’t mind the featured image. it has, like, nothing to do with the post. i’m out of pictures.)

i guess it’s never a bad time to recommend romance!

if you’ve been around here for a while you’d have noticed that i talk about romance…a lot. but if you haven’t…well, hi. i talk about romance…a lot. i love it and it’s my favorite genre.

and as a romance enthusiast, i think it is my duty to be enthusiastic about the genre here, as the person behind this lovely blog.

and THAT is why i’m here, today, to talk about six romance novels i have read and enjoyed or that are all-time favorites and that i want you to read and enjoy too!


these are all books by women of color. because i noticed that they are not recommended enough and that is not okay. so! here’s SIX ROMANCE NOVELS BY WOMEN OF COLOR!

♡ THE FORBIDDEN HEARTS series, by alisha rai ♡


→  HATE TO WANT YOU is about livvy and nicholas who have a deal: every year, they would share one night of illicit pleasure, and no one will know. until the day livvy doesn’t show up. and decides to appear in town. aaaand things start to get complicated from there…

let me tell you: this book is probably what got me into romance. i remember being deep in my slump but not being able to put it down. alisha rai melded three amazing tropes: second chance romance, hate to love, and forbidden love. it’s beautiful and i easily found myself invested with the characters. AND ON TOP OF THAT, alisha rai is known for writing amazingly hot and steamy scenes.

♡  TRIGGER WARNING: depression, anxiety, panic attack, suicidal thoughts, emotional and psychological abuse, on page sex ♡

→  WRONG TO NEED YOU is about jackson kane who returns home after fleeing for several years, and decides to help sadia ahmed with her cafe. but the attraction they already had to each other grows even more.

WRONG TO NEED YOU is probably my favorite out of the series. it’s, like, can’t-put-the-book-down kind of good. if i didn’t have so much to do during that time i picked it up, i would probably have finished it in one or two sittings. one would probably hesitate to pick up the second book in a series, because it’s usually boring and doesn’t live up to the first book, but rules don’t apply to this one. it was…wow.

♡  TRIGGER WARNING: anxiety, panic attack, passing mention of suicide, on page sex ♡

→  HURTS TO LOVE YOU follows eve and gabe who, again, can’t keep their hands off each other after a long-time attraction, especially when a wedding party forces them into tight quarters. but long buried secrets treathens to tear them apart.

while this isn’t my fave in the series (that title belongs to WRONG TO NEED YOU), it still doesn’t lack beautiful romance and steamy interactions. not only that, but it is an amazing conclusion to the series. i absolutely loved it.

♡  TRIGGER WARNING: heavy drinking, emotionally abusive parents, on page sex ♡

now you don’t have to read the books in their order, but i would recommend you do so. i think you would understand some things better. but it’s totally up to you! JUST READ THE BOOKS PLEASE.

would recommend if you enjoy:

  • family drama
  • second chance romance, hate-to-love, and forbidden love tropes
  • alisha rai’s books in general (because they’re amazing, really)

THE LUCKIEST LADY IN LONDON, by sherry thomas ♡

17290655louisa doesn’t understand when felix rivendale, the marquess of wrenworth, aka the ideal gentleman is the only man to propose at the end of the london season, but eventually she accepts. however, the two can’t deny their attraction, especially after their marriage. does louisa dare to fall in love with him, even if he’s full of secrets?

i remember being super excited to read THE LUCKIEST LADY IN LONDON, and while i may have found some issues with it, i still think it’s a very fun and light historical romance. it’s funny and addictive, and your heart is full of love after finishing it.

would recommend if you enjoy:

  • historical romance
  • fun and light reads
  • hate-to-love trope


23618508who wouldn’t dream to read a sexy, erotic, body positive, racially inclusive romance, that ALSO deals with self-doubt, finding yourself and living shamelessly? well, alisha rai did that. she outdid herself with this one. i absolutely adored it. i was hooked from page one. easily one of the best books i’ve read this year.

♡  TRIGGER WARNING: emotionally abusive parents ♡

would recommend if you enjoy:

  • “they act like they hate each other but secretly desire one another” trope
  • romance about finding and discovering yourself


STRIPPED, by zoey castile ♡

33009919._sy475_STRIPPED follows robyn flores, a teacher who needs to get her life together, and zac fallon, her stripper neighbor, as they make a deal: they will be together during this summer only, then each one of them will take their own route. but destiny (and feelings) has other plans for the two of them.

this is like a book version of magic mike XXL. and it’s the perfect light-hearted book: it’s short, it’s cute but also flirty, the writing is simple and there’s not a lot of concentration needed. if you’re looking for something to read by the beach, STRIPPED IS FOR YOU.

would recommend if you enjoy:

  • instant-attraction romance
  • light reads

of course, there are still a lot of other romance books by women of color, but these are the ones i enjoyed recently and/or are all-time favorites (*coughs* THE FORBIDDEN HEARTS series *coughs*). so if you love romance or are in a mood of it (or both), i’d suggest you pick out one of these!

(you won’t regret it. i promise. please pick them up.)

have you picked any romance books recently? have you enjoyed one? also, have you read any of these books? if yes, what were your thoughts? if not, are you planning on picking one of these out?

5 Replies to “six romance novels by women of color! (aka what you should pick up asap!)”

  1. I don’t usually read romances on their own, but I’m honestly down to check some of these out! Specially the first recommendation bc I looovee the hate to love trope.

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