popular books i (still) haven’t read (oops…)

let’s be real: we always have more books to read. the fact that everyday my TBR shelf on goodreads grows a little more is as exciting as it is terrifying.

(i mean, i’m never going to read all the books. that’s just sad.)

and of course, on my TBR shelf lay popular, well-known, read-by-everybody-except-me books. some of them i bought years ago, when the excitment and adrenaline over it was still filling me, but died as the layers of dust grew thicker on the books. others i still haven’t even bought.

today i decided to remind myself of these books, because i still really want to read them (well, most of them). that’s why i decided to talk about SOME of the popular books i haven’t got into.



CROOKED KINGDOM, by leigh bardugo

i remember reading SIX OF CROWS a little while after it was released. and i remember aboslutely adoring it. it was so so so good. and i joigned everyone in hyping it up. it was THAT amazing.

but the sequel? i still haven’t got around reading it. i was so excited to get into it though. i remember being so happy when my friends bought me the box set with the two books for my birthday. *sigh*

25494343LADY MIDNIGHT, by cassandra clare

okay listen, i tried reading it. i just never finished it because i was in the biggest slump ever and hadn’t finished any book i had started. i remember one day picking it up and reading 60 pages then going to sleep and never picking it up again. don’t get me wrong, i did like it. but The Slump™ that i had drowned in got the best of me.

but i really hope to read it soon because i love cassandra clare’s other books (*coughs* the infernal devices) and i’ve heard many positive thoughts about it.

32620332._sy475_THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, by taylor jenkins reid

this is without a doubt the most talked-about book of last year, and i haven’t heard ONE bad opinion about it, haven’t read ANY review of it that didn’t praise it, haven’t seen ANYONE rate it less than five stars. EVERYONE i know that have read this book loved it to pieces.

but i always planned to read it…later. i always told myself i’ll buy it or something, but not now. turns out “now” never came, and i still am on the other side.

A Gathering of Shadows FinalA GATHERING OF SHADOWS, by v. e. schwab

again, same scenario as CROOKED KINGDOM. read A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. absolutely loved it. bought the sequel (and the third book), but never read it. and i know, i seriously have a problem because OH MY GOD I ALWAYS DO THAT.

but yeah, i read A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC back in 2017 (i think? or was it 2016? i can’t remember), and really liked it. i even bought the other two books in the trilogy. and here i am, a few years later, not even remembering what happened in the first book.


18798983THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, by renée ahdieh

in 2017, i read FLAME IN THE MIST, by the same author, and fell deeply in love with ahdieh’s writing. that’s why i was really looking forward to reading her debut novel, since it’s also so so popular. but somehow that always stayed a plan, and i never really read it. i really hope i do read it though, because it looks amazing!


(it’s a sequel, again.)

no comment here, really. i do have a problem with sequels.

(someone please push me to read all the damn sequels it is getting out of control.)

aaaand that’s it for today. of course, there are still so many popular books i haven’t got into. but these are the ones i really hope to read soon. i guess i got so behind when i fell deep into a reading slump that i haven’t got out of until recently.

what are some popular books that you still haven’t read? are you planning on reading them soon? what are some popular books you’re not interested in reading and why?

20 Replies to “popular books i (still) haven’t read (oops…)”

  1. Same here for the crooked kingdom. Actually I haven’t gotten around to reading six of crows even🤪. Do read the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo because it’s 👌👌

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  2. I must admit that I haven’t read any of the Raven Boys books or the Vampire Academy books.
    I keep meaning to! I just haven’t. Yet.
    Amazing post!
    TBH Lady Midnight was really good but I preferred the last one (Queen of Air and Darkness) so it was a bit of a struggle to read the first two :/
    Amazing post!
    -Emma 🙂


  3. Six of Crows is STILL on my tbr list even after years of it being there. It’s quite embarrassing to be honest and I need to get it asap.
    There are so many popular books I have yet to read, not even just new releases (although there are hundreds of them too).
    I haven’t read any of the Raven Boys, A Darker Shade of Magic, Warcross, Cassandra Clare’s million books & so many contemporaries that I want to get to.
    Just too many books and too little time!!
    Great post Maha!💕

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  4. not being able to read all the books on our tbr is the saddest reality check i heard all day.

    im internally SCREAMING bc i love ALL THE BOOKS ON YOUR LIST fkldjaflkaj
    crooked kingdom & evelyn hugo are for SURE going to be the top picks (and they deserve the praise) but the !!!wrath and the dawn!!! you NEED to read it. it’s absolutely magical and the enemies-to-lovers romance captured my entire heart i love it sm

    i hope youre able to get to these books soon and you love them all bc theyre absolutely brilliant books

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    1. okay i know i have to get into all these books asap!! but so many books so little time!!! :((
      ALSO EVELYN HUGO LOOKS SO AMAZING! i still don’t know how and why i haven’t picked it up yet.

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  5. Wowow PLEASE read The Wrath and the Dawn, it is high quality and amazing and the romance is to die for. LIKE SERIOUSLY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! AHHHH!!! I don’t even remember the main character has so many ~badass~ moments that made me so happy. Also, I’m lowkey an ADSOM hater (because why was the book so slow) (also I hated Lila) lmao but I think that the plot is super compelling in the second book so you should probably read it!!!

    I need to reread the Ember in the Ashes series because I loved the first book, and wasn’t that much of a fan of the second book??? I was one of those readers who disliked Laia but loved Helene, but… now that I have a grip on understanding colonialism and oppression, I think that maaaybe my opinions will change when I reread it.

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  6. Gosh me too! I haven’t read Lady Midnight and the Seven Husbands of Evelyn even though I really want to 😭 I guess I have to wait a while longer but oh well 😂

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    1. i want to read them so bad!! but LADY MIDNIGHT is such a big book it’s sometimes intimidating 😂 and i have no money to buy THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO :((


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