june 2019 wrap up!

it’s my first wrap up on the blog and i’m already late…*sigh*

june has been a hectic month. there wasn’t a day where i had nothing to do. and as much as it felt good not getting bored, i wish i had a little time just to sLEEP. but other than that, i’m not complaining. a lot of great things happened this month!

i graduated!

that’s right! after all the pain, i’m (finally) done with high school. my graduation ceremony was just a few days ago, and i admit i felt a little nostalgic. it’s kind of sad, knowing that i made some great memories there, and that i’ll never be reunited with my high school best friends like we used to, but i’m really glad i’m not going back, because i REFUSE to go through what i went through again.

i got back to reading (and blogging)!

LITTLE BACK STORY: i used to have a blog a long time ago, but i couldn’t manage it because of all the work i had to do, so i had to delete it. i also -kinda- stopped reading books for two whole years.

it feels so so great reading books. for a while, i thought i’ll never be able to read a page again, but here i am! i’m so proud of myself for reading four books this month (two are short stories but shuuuush), and while i used to read more than that when i was younger, i’m slowly getting my good habit back, and i’m really really really happy about it.

books i read:

RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, by casey mcquiston: (★★★★★) the hype around this book was so overwhelming (it still is) that i had to see what it’s about (during finals week). and i was certainly not disappointed. this book was EVERYTHING. it made me feel so happy. it’s the PERFECT rom-com to pick up this summer. (my review)


  • WARCROSS, by marie lu: (★★★★★) i’ve had this book on my shelf for over a year and no one told me it’s that good! i couldn’t put this book down. it was so full of surprises and it was so well done that marie lu deserves a standing ovation. i can’t wait to see how the story evolves in the sequel.


  • SOFT ON SOFT, by mina waheed: (★★☆☆☆) i don’t know what i expected going into this book, but the least i can say is that i was disappointed. the story was so inclusive and the characters were soft, but that’s it. nothing more…


  • KEEPING HER SECRET, by sarah nicolas: (★☆☆☆☆) this book has HUGE camp rock vibes, except nothing happens. it had great potential, but that’s about it.

so yeah, the month started out great, but the last two books were huge disappointments. but that’s okay, i still have so many books to read!

on the blog:

i’m hopping to post more during this month, and i have some ideas, but we’ll see!

how was your month? have you read any new favorite book?

11 Replies to “june 2019 wrap up!”

  1. WOAH IF YOU THINK WARCROSS WAS GOOD WAIT TILL YOU READ WILDCARD ASDFHJKGL! And congratulations on finally graduating the hell hole we call high school! I’m actually not gonna graduate until another year, pray for me because I heard junior year sucks 😭 I’ve been meaning too pick up Red, White and Royal Blue, and after seeing your rating I’m probably going to end up reading it soon. Anyways, great wrap up and have a lovely July!

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    1. ASGHJKFL IM SO EXCITED FOR WILDCARD! i can’t wait to get my hands on it!!
      and thank you! 💓 don’t worry, you’ll find yourself out of high school sooner than you imagine, time flies so fast!
      have a lovely july too! ✨

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  2. Congratulations on graduation! (Although, now I feel old since I just graduated university). Ooh, I definitely need to pick up ‘Warcross’ and ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’.

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  3. Comgrats on graduating & completing your finals!!
    I’m the same haha, I used to run another book blog but deleted because I didn’t have time and exams were taking up so much of it :// I also barely read any books for about 2 years which is so annoying (thank you slump lol). Thankfully I’m back in reading mode for summer, and have read 2 books so far in July!
    Red, White & Royal Blue and Warcross are both on my tbr so I’m glad you enjoyed them! They sound amazing so I can’t wait to get to them!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!! 💓
      yes, studying can take so much of your time and it’s really sad. and i’m so happy you’re back to blogging and reading!!
      i highly recommend you to pick up both the books!! i LOVED them, and i hope you do too :))

      Liked by 1 person


    okay first of all your layout? delicious. showstopping we didnt even deserve that


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