six books i’m (super) excited to read this summer!

summer is officially here! which means it’s time for summer reads! funny contemporaries! steamy romance! soft feels! ice-cream!

to celebrate the start of my favorite season of the year (aka the season of no-school hehe), i thought why not share some summer-y (is that a word?) reads i’m super duper excited to get into this summer, because i’m super duper excited to read them.

(watch me not read any of these books. just WATCH ME.)

FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT, by jenn p. nguyen


mia and jake hate each-other (at least that’s what they think), despite their moms’ constant ramblings about how perfect they are for each other. to end it all, they decide to pretend they’re dating then stage the worst break-up of all time.

(you already know where this is going.)

let me get this straight: a book having two of my favorite tropes ever? fake-dating AND ennemies-to-lovers? all in one book? and you expect me not to be excited about it? you bet i’m getting this book as soon as possible. i ain’t gonna miss this one.

(BONUS: look at this gorgeous cover! just look at it! i love it! swoon reads always has heart-eyes covers for their books.)

TRULY MADLY ROYALLY, by debbie rigaud


zora doesn’t expect to meet this cute, charming, prince named owen when she starts her summer program, nor does she expect to feel a connection to him. but when she is thrust into the spotlight after attending owen’s big brother’s big royal wedding, zora’s not sure she can live with that.

this doesn’t come out until july 30th, but i’ve been looking forward to it since march. i literally squealed when i first read the synopsis on goodreads. i mean, royalty? sign me up! i’m a sucker for it.

(seriously, feed me royalty. i live off it.)

+ it looks so cute and wholesome, and overal just like those AGHFJKL kind of books. so yes, i am going to scream about it until it comes out, then (hopefully) read it and like it and scream about it some more.

LOVE FROM A TO Z, by s. k. ali


zayneb flies off to her aunt’s house in doha, qatar for spring break, determined to leave all her anger from the islamophobia she has to endure behind, and get over the guilt she feels from getting her friends into trouble. there, she meets adam (see? A to Z? Adam to Zayneb? pretty smart i must say), who also has secrets…

knowing that a book about two muslims (emphasize on muslim) falling in love in an arab country is what keeps me going. you can’t even fanthom how excited i am to read this. i’ve heard nothing but amazing opinions about this (the current average rating for it is 4.23 stars. IMAGINE.), so i’m gonna try to get my hands on this as soon as possible. i literally can’t wait. *screams*



louisa cantwell does not understand it when felix rivendale, the marquess of wrenworth, aka the Ideal Gentleman, becomes interested in her. she accepts to marry him nonethless, him being the only man to propose at the end of the london season. but even if he’s full of dark secrets, she can’t help falling in love with him.

if you’ve been following me on goodreads for a while now, you know that i have become addicted to adult historical romance, especially after reading THE DUCHESS DEAL and THE GOVERNESS GAME, both by tessa dare (we’ll talk about that later). and that’s what makes me excited to read THE LUCKIEST LADY IN LONDON this summer, because it looks super fun and addicting, and i’ve heard a great deal of positive thoughts about it.

(it came out a pretty long time ago, but i’m just excited and hopeful to read it this summer.)



when gabriel duke demands that lady penelope campion clears out her rescued animals, they set a deal: penny will part with her precious animals if he finds them loving homes.

easier said than done.

this is the third (and final i think), installement in the GIRL MEETS DUKE novels, and after reading the first two books (THE DUCHESS DEAL and THE GOVERNESS GAME mentioned above) and absolutely adoring them both, you can obviously expect me to be excited about this one. it looks so so cute and so so wholesome and PLEASE can august 13th come sooner?

(each book is a different story, so you don’t have to read them in order, but it’s preferred to do so.)

TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, by aminah mae safi


rachel hates sana ever since she (sana) asked her out, and rachel thought it was this big cruel prank. but sana is the perfect lead for rachel’s senior film project. that’s a big problem.

this JUST came out a few days ago, but seeing everybody’s talking about it makes me intrigued (therefore super excited) to see what it’s about.

it also looks super amazing, let’s be real. i’m ready to feel all the soft and warm feels. *sigh*

aaaand that’s it. of course, i’m excited for other books too, but if i list them all this post will be over 15k words (it’s already super long as it is, i don’t even know if people will read it).

i really hope this summer will be full of great reads (it already started off pretty well), and amazing cookies (because well, cookies).

what are some of your most anticipated reads for this summer? have you read any of these books listed? what were your thoughts?


9 Replies to “six books i’m (super) excited to read this summer!”

  1. aahh I’m very excited for a lot of these!! I’m planning to read Love From A to Z next month (with a book club and a friend) and I’m super excited because it looks amazing. and I’m also really looking forward to Tell Me How You Really Feel too, though I know some reviewers were saying the writing wasn’t as good so my expectations have been lowered a bit (which is good so I can’t be horribly disappointed lmao!)

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  2. Ohhh my goodness this is such a great list! The exciting thing is I haven’t heard of any of these but a lot of them look like my kind of book exactly and NOW THEY’RE ON MY TBR. (Thank you for growing this monster of mine that is my TBR.) Eeep, this got me so pumped for summer reads- happy reading, Maha 💘

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