what makes a story stand out from the others?

have you ever asked yourself why do you like a book more than another? i mean, besides the obvious reasons why one would enjoy a book (plot, writing, etc.), have you ever asked yourself what makes a story stand out?

WELL. i hope i’m not the only one (or that you started asking yourself that now, because otherwise this post would be a little stupid). i’ve been asking myself this for a little while, and while the thought still lingers (which means i don’t have a definite answer), my very smart brain (*flips hair*) has come up with some suggestions on what makes a book more enjoyable.

okay so. here’s a list of six things that make a book stand out from the others:

one: the depth of the characters

characters are obviously essential to any book. but when they feel more human than words written on paper, it adds so much more to the story. because throughout the story you start to build a connection with these characters, and you might even relate to them, and that’s what can make a book unforgettable.

and i believe that’s where the importance of diverse stories come from. books that have characters that resemble you one way or another, or that you can relate to, just hit different. i have seen so many people hold these diverse books dear to their hearts, because they see themselves in them.

two: the message it holds

don’t get me wrong, i adore light-hearted books. i love reading just for the fun of it (and i think it’s very healthy, but that discussion is for another time). but i noticed that books that hold a very strong message, and that support a very thoughtful idea, stick. they stick with me, and hold a very dear place in my heart.

not only that, but these books may even change my vision on some issues, which means i always get to remember them because of that.

three: the extreme emotions

whether the story is extremely sad or extremely happy, the emotions felt while reading these kind of books are pretty hard to forget. they either take your heart, cut it in tiny little pieces and leave you hanging, or warm and lighten your heart in the most wholesome way possible. either way, there’s no denying that most of the books i remember are the ones that made me feel all the feels.

(NOTE: i am a sucker for feels. if i ever find a book that makes me cry i am gonna scream about it for at least a month.)

and i believe this is the magic of books! and reading!

four: when it hits home

when you find a book that mentions or discusses something that you’ve experienced before, i think it’s safe to say these novels stay unforgettable, because they hit home. they hit where it hurts the most, find a way through all your layers and touch your soul. and that can be good or bad, but what’s sure is that those stories stick, and the reason why is that they hold inside them experiences that stuck with you in the past.

five: the childhood books

the books we read as children, that one series that got us into reading… those have pretty nostalgic memories related to them, and therefore stick with us. we’ll forever be grateful for those because they remind us of a simpler time, where all you worried about was what was the next book you’ll read or when you’ll play with your friends or when you’ll eat your next meal.

aahhh good times good times…

these are all the reasons i could find on why a book would stand out. of course, i was the reference for this very small research, so i would love to hear YOUR opinion!

what, depending on your opinion and experience, makes a book stand out from another? what makes it unforgettable? also, what is a book that throughout the years, you couldn’t forget, for a certain reason? BONUS: what is the book that got you into reading?

10 Replies to “what makes a story stand out from the others?”

  1. I really like this post! usually what makes a book stands out for me is its ending. If I can’t think of anything but the ending, or if even after finishing it, I still think of the book and parts of it because the ending makes me feel like that, then the book stands out from me out of all the ones I’ve read. I felt this way after reading Next Year In Havana recently!

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      i totally agree! the ending can have a huge impact on whether the book stands out or not!! hehe
      also, thank youu ❤️


  2. aahh I agree with all of these, Maha!! especially the emotions it makes me feel and how much personal meaning it has to me. there are some books I read ages ago but remember a lot more clearly than books I read recently because of how much it destroyed me lmao. and aahhh I love childhood books so much, they just make me so nostalgic and sentimental!! great post ❤

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  3. Hi !
    I agree with you. ^^
    I’ll also say that a book be unforgettable for me when the story is original. A story that I’ve never read before. An original book stay in my heart for ever. 🙂

    Your blog is very interesting, I love it ! 😀

    (PS : sorry if I make mistakes in my comments : I’m French.)

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